Does Humidity Affect the Heating Temperature in your House During Winter Weather in Manhattan New York?

When you think about humidity you probably go straight to summer memories. Most people think that humidity only affects the summer months by causing too much moisture in the air. That in turn can cause the heat outside to feel much worse. During these hot summer months, the humidity wreaks havoc on the HVAC unit…

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Why Santa Claus Uses Open Chimney Entrances (or Magical Fireplaces if you Have a Furnace Heater or Boiler instead) to Enter your Manhattan NY Home

With Christmas right around the corner, your kids might be wondering and contemplating the magic of Santa Claus. Chimneys and fireplaces are not only used to help warm a home, Cringle also uses it as entry to leave his gifts. Your children might wonder why that is. NY NJ A/C Connection would like to inform…

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