Boiler Inspection Checklist & Procedure

As NY NJ A/C Connection caters to the needs of our valued customers in the Greater New York area, we know that many people use boilers to heat their home during the winter. An important part of boiler maintenance involves a full inspection of the unit to ensure it is running the way it should. Offering quality workmanship, our team of qualified and fully licensed professionals with deliver superior services every time.

Importance of Boiler Inspection

For the safety of your home or business, NY NJ A/C Connection wants to provide complete confidence in our customers that their boiler meets and exceeds all regulations and requirements. Here is a list of the different points of inspection:
– Nameplate
– Relief Valve & Safety Valve
– Control Safety Devices
– Boiler Room Piping
– Combustion Air
– Flue Pipe Connections
– Expansion Tanks
– Internal Inspections

NYC Boiler Inspection Reports

Once the inspection is completed, you can trust that our expert technicians will leave you with a detailed report of their findings during the inspection. This may include any repairs or possible problems that were noted during the inspection. At this time we will be able to answer and all of the questions our customers may have about the findings of the inspection. When it comes to boiler inspections, our customer’s safety is our top priority. You can rest easy knowing that after we have inspected your boiler, any issues that could possibly be present will have a treatment plan to provide you with the safety you deserve. Call us today!

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Whether you need air conditioning services in the hot summer months or heating services in the cool winter months, NY NJ A/C Connection can meet your indoor comfort needs. Call us for a myriad of quality services from inspections and troubleshooting to diagnosis repair and much more.

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