What are Common Central Air Conditioner Issues in Midtown Manhattan, NY? Dirty AC Condenser & More

When it comes to the air conditioner’s performance, there are some lucky homeowners that do not have to be concerned with poor performance. Unfortunately, many people will experience a problem with their air conditioners. In many instances, simple care can resolve the issues, however, there does come an issue where you need the expertise of…

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How Does a Central Air Conditioner Work to Cool House & Make Rooms Feel Cooler in Upper East Side, NY?

As a common misconception, most people think that the air conditioner pushes cool air into space, however, the air conditioner is actually responsible for pulling hot air out of the space. The room feels significantly cooler to people when the room has quite a bit less heat. Similar to how a swab of alcohol makes…

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Signs Your Central Air Conditioner Needs Repair in Manhattan, NY; Old AC Unit, Poor Air Quality & More

To combat the heat and higher humidity levels when living in New York, having an efficiently operating air conditioner is a necessity. Like most machines, air conditioners have a projected lifespan. The unit can last and even last longer, based on the quality of the unit, the extent of care and professional maintenance it received.…

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