What are Common Central Air Conditioner Issues in Midtown Manhattan, NY? Dirty AC Condenser & More

When it comes to the air conditioner’s performance, there are some lucky homeowners that do not have to be concerned with poor performance. Unfortunately, many people will experience a problem with their air conditioners. In many instances, simple care can resolve the issues, however, there does come an issue where you need the expertise of a professional. Today, we at NY NJ AC Connection would like to discuss a few of the common air conditioner problems.

Clogged Air Filters

It is too easy to forget about the air filters, they would be replaced on schedule, though in a perfect dimension. The flow of air reaching your home is restricted when the air filter is over encumbered. Ideally, you should replace your AC filter at least once a month ideally, though specifics may vary, during the summer. For people with indoor pets, smokers, and sensitivity with asthma or allergies, the filters need even more monitoring. Change the air filter is one of the most cost-effective methods to make certain your air conditioning system is maintained and reduces issues.

Dirty Outdoor AC Condenser

All of which can decrease airflow as that summers bring plenty of BBQ and other outdoor events, it is presumable the increased activities expose your outdoor unit to more debris, dirt, and encroaching vegetation. Make certain to cut back the foliage, remove the and ensure there is 1 foot, thought 3 feet is best, of clearance around the outdoor unit. The unit should be cleaned of debris, dirt, leaves, and so on especially the coils. If you are unsure how it is cleaned, hiring a professional cleaning.

AC is Suddenly Loud

The motor is what takes the abuse to combat the summer heat. It is common for your motor to have incurred wear and tear during the hotter months. The abnormal sounds produced by an overworked motor; it can be an indication the motor will go out. The fan struggling creates the humming sound. In the event you are hearing humming, or any other strange sounds coming from your cooling system, you should get it checked as soon as possible.

Central Air Conditioner Inspection, Maintenance, Repair, Replacement & More in Manhattan, New York

You can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, by investing in an overall HVAC system tune-up service. By your trusted NY NJ AC Connection technician, the tune-up covers the replacing of the worn parts, lube the dry areas, tighten the connections. Our air conditioner unit is properly cared for as they use premium products and advanced equipment with our trained and experienced experts. To get started, call NY NJ A/C Connection today. You can trust in our professionals to make the needed repairs quickly and efficiently should it come to the need of repairs.

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