Commercial Central Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance Checklist for Your Manhattan, NY Business

Air conditioning is one of the many luxuries we enjoy today and makes life much more tolerable, especially during the extreme temperatures that summer brings. The air conditioning system in your commercial facility is a huge investment for indoor comfort and environmental control. Not only is it a great investment, but it also keeps your…

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Central Air Conditioner Smells Musty in Manhattan, NY? Identifying Odors Coming from Your Air Conditioning Vents & What Emergency A/C Repairs You May Need

Have you ever turned on your air conditioning and noticed a foul, moldy or musty smell coming from the air conditioning vents? This is not a good sign, and can mean that your air conditioning unit is pumping dangerous mold spores into your home. Mold and mildew can become extremely dangerous to your health, especially…

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AC Troubleshooting Guide in Manhattan, NY; Dirty Air Filter, Thermostat Setting, Tripped Breaker, Fan Motor Not Running, Freon Problem, Temperature Drop & More

As the temperatures continue to get warmer and we start using our air conditioning units more, we may notice they aren’t working as efficiently as they once did. Before you call an ac repairman there are some things you can look at to try and solve the problem. A few household tools and a little…

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