Central Air Conditioner Not Working in Upper East Side, NY? Repair of AC Short Cycling Problem & More

As we approach the end of the air conditioner season, it is common for homeowners to ignore the sounds, smells or inefficiency that indicates trouble. Just because our attention is directed to our heating systems, scheduling maintenance or upgrading our systems as needed, you should not ignore any air conditioner repair needs you might have.…

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Why Does My AC Filter Get Dirty So Quickly in Manhattan, NY? Air Conditioner Fan Set to On & More

It is commonly stressed amongst the HVAC industry that homeowners stay on top of changing or cleaning the filters. It is important that the airflow is not impeded to maximize the HVAC system’s effectiveness. It is recommended that the filters get changed every 30-45 days. For people that live in dusty climates, have indoor pets,…

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Is a Dirty AC Unit Bad? How Do You Clean an Outside Air Conditioner Condenser in Lower Manhattan, NY?

The importance of having the outdoor unit cleaned as a part of regular care and maintenance for your air conditioner unit is not something most homeowners realize. The outdoor unit easily collects dirt and debris on the surfaces, especially on the cooling fins. When the outdoor unit is overburdened with grass clippings, dust, leaves, and…

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