Central Air Conditioner Not Working in Upper East Side, NY? Repair of AC Short Cycling Problem & More

As we approach the end of the air conditioner season, it is common for homeowners to ignore the sounds, smells or inefficiency that indicates trouble. Just because our attention is directed to our heating systems, scheduling maintenance or upgrading our systems as needed, you should not ignore any air conditioner repair needs you might have. Today, we at NY NJ A/C Connection would like to share the common issues that develop by the end of the season that should not be ignored.

Poor Airflow in Vents

Being an indication there is something off, feeling inefficient air moving through your ductwork. When you can’t feel the air flow cold air is trapped somewhere within your system. A number of other subsequent concerns develop along with frozen coils that occur. Assuming it may help, homeowners will try turning the thermostat down. Unfortunately, it does nothing for your comfort, and it only rises the utility bills. Begin by checking the air filter. Airflow deficiencies is a common product of when the air filter gets too clogged up with debris like dust and other pollutants. It is time to call in professional assistance in the event you have eliminated this as the cause.

Short Cycling AC

in terms of the air conditioner, many people may have heard of short cycling, but few realize its meaning. This is known as the short cycling process; your cooling system turns on and off in rapid succession. The air conditioners system uses the most energy turning on and turning off versus when they are actually operating. It indicates there is something wrong it if doesn’t run for at least 15 minutes at a time.

Air Conditioner Making Weird Noises

When the air conditioner operates, it is not completely silent. In addition to the air whooshing through the vents, you are always going to hear the hum of the fans. All red flags that something more serious is happening include the detection of noises such as banging, clanging, hissing, or buzzing.

Energy Bill High All of a Sudden

Though it can translate into more energy being consumed than it does on a normal basis, an issue with your air conditioner system will not show any outwardly signs, sometime Especially if you have not run your air conditioner system any more than usual this summer, you will most likely notice the problem by spotting an unexpected increase in your monthly energy bills in instances such as these.

Inefficient Cooling

Since the air coming out of your vents is powerful, there is a problem when it doesn’t feel cool. Ductwork damage, overheating components, or low refrigerant include the primary reasons. If the air coming from your vents warmer than you would expect, you need the assistance of a professional.

Central Air Conditioning Maintenance, Repair, Replacement & More in Manhattan, New York

If your air conditioner is not operating to its full potential, contact the professionals of NY NJ A/C Connection and let our certified technicians assist you. With high quality HVAC repair services, we can ensure you that our qualified technicians use advanced equipment and premium products.

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