Air Conditioning Inspection Checklist & Report

NY NJ A/C Connection supplies HVAC system services to commercial businesses and residential homes throughout New York. We have been insured, certified, and licensed since 2006 to deliver fast, friendly, affordable, and professional services. NY NJ A/C Connection technicians are experienced experts, utilizing high-end products and equipment exclusively offered to licensed professionals to deliver premium results in all services. NY NJ A/C Connection continues to uphold high moral standards, family-friendly customer service, and superior execution on all services rendered.

Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance

The air conditioning unit for your New York home or business is composed of dozens of moving parts and is a major source of keeping the indoor air temperatures cool and humidity levels balanced to allow those to be comfortable while spending their time inside. With routine maintenance and repairs your air conditioning unit can be kept in pristine working order far passed the years expected. Part of the professional maintenance involves a periodic inspection to ensure the air conditioning system is in proper working order and to intervene in the midst of small issues before they evolve into major catastrophes.

Air Conditioning Inspection Checklist

NY NJ A/C Connection commercial and residential air conditioning inspections have the same general service. However, there are a few specifications that differ and are naturally applied. NY NJ A/C Connection air conditioning inspection consists of, but is not limited to the following:
– Air filters
– Air Flow
– Area around the air conditioning unit as well as the clearance
– Blower components
– Calibration of thermostat
– Condensation drains
– Condensers
– Condition of the air conditioning unit
– Efficient system operation
– Electrical connections, condition, and performance
– Evaporator coils
– Installation quality
– Refrigerant levels and pressure
– Safety controls and features
– Starting effectiveness
– Temperature differentiation

Benefits of Air Conditioning Inspections

Benefits of investing your commercial business and residential home in New York in a NY NJ A/C Connection air conditioning inspection service includes:
Improved air conditioning efficiency. There are many combining efforts that contribute to your air conditioner running at peak performance. During our inspection, we ensure all components are working in harmony and at their full potential to ensure the air conditioning unit is operating properly.
Minimize the need for AC repairs. In a recent study, approximately 40% of air conditioning breakdowns are the result of lack of maintenance and inspections. To add insult to injury, many air conditioning warranties become void if the unit has not been maintained and inspected by a professional annually. Even the skeptics can see firsthand how many problems can be easily averted if caught before they become major and costly issues. Scheduling an air conditioning maintenance service with NY NJ A/C Connection prior to air conditioning weather and then an air conditioning inspection service with NY NJ A/C Connection at the end of air conditioning season can save a considerable amount of cash in repairs if small issues can be dealt with before they escalate.
Air conditioner longevity. The better you care for any of your possessions, including the air conditioning unit, the longer it will perform. Regular maintenance and inspection services with NY NJ A/C Connection can add years to the lifespan of your unit.
Improved indoor air quality. Many professionals are realizing the indoor quality in most homes and business is far poorer than the quality of air outside. With the revelation, many are trying to find ways to improve the air quality to heighten health and efficiency. During the inspection process, NY NJ A/C Connection can detect if any harmful additions are being introduced into your air and find solutions to remedy the situation.

Air Conditioning Inspections in Manhattan, New York City

If your New York home or business is due for an air conditioning inspection service, call NY NJ A/C Connection to perform the task and we will include a comprehensive report on our findings, and if any issues are found we will consult with you on solutions that will be ideal for your unit and your budget. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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