Central Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance Service Agreement & Checklist

NY NJ A/C Connection has been the HVAC company many residential homes and commercial businesses have counted on in the Greater New York area since 2006. NY NJ A/C Connection is fully insured and licensed and our experienced technicians are all certified and expertly trained in the industry. We take advantage of exclusive professional grade equipment, supplies, tools and products, to give our valued customers premium services. Among the many services we perform for your Greater New York are home or business is air conditioning maintenance.

Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance Agreement

Your air conditioning system is a sizable investment. The air conditioning unit helps maintain comfortable temperatures during the unpleasant summers and helps balance humid conditions indoors. Being without the air conditioning in the middle of the summer, especially during uncommonly higher than average temperatures is truly torture. Instead of one day realizing the air conditioning unit isn’t functioning appropriately, you can greatly prevent the chances of serious malfunction and costly replacements with a simple annual air conditioning maintenance service from NY NJ A/C Connection. Whether you own your own business, or want to extend the longevity of your air conditioning unit to your home, NY NJ A/C Connection’s air conditioning maintenance service can help.

Our Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreement Includes But is Not Limited to:

– Coolant inspection to ensure efficiency.
– Pressure check.
– Calibrate thermostat for proper cycling and temperature control.
– Inspect wiring.
– Inspect connections.
– Inspect capacitors.
– Inspect relays.
– Check for cleanliness of evaporator coils.
– Ensure condensate drain is clear of debris and obstructions.
– Condenser is cleaned and inspected.
– Exterior unit disconnect is inspected.
– Condenser fan motor and blades are inspected and lubricated if necessary.
– Compressor amps are checked at starting.
– Extensive safety and efficiency inspections and checks.

Air Conditioning Inspection

After a maintenance check, wires are tightened, lubrication applied, cleaning where it’s needed if any potential problems could arise, NY NJ A/C Connection professionals will convey any sited problems, recommend repairs and explain if there are any other issues. Allowing NY NJ A/C Connection to perform annual maintenance checks on your air conditioning unit you can increase the lifespan, reduce malfunctions, increase efficiency, and ensure safe operations.

Changing Air Filters in Your Home

As part as regular maintenance, NY NJ A/C Connection encourages you to change or clean your air filter on a routine bases. For minimum maintenance is it suggested you clean or change your HVAC system air filters every three months. If you suffer from year round allergies, are prone to asthma attacks, have indoor pets, residents that smoke inside, or frequently let the windows and door open, you should change or clean your air filters once a month.

Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance Agreements in Manhattan New York

Both commercial businesses and residential homes in the Greater New York area have access to the best in the business. NY NJ A/C Connection’s craft is HVAC systems and our passion is customer service with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. The most optimal time to get your air conditioning maintenance service by NY NJ A/C Connections is in the early spring just before you start utilizing it. Call us today to schedule your air conditioning maintenance service and be sure to store our contact information in your phone for quick and convenient future services.

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