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Signs You Need to Replace Your Central Air Conditioner

Air conditioner units in commercial buildings and residential homes across the New York area can experience some troubles due to age, improper maintenance, improper installation, or poor manufacturing. Older units, pretty much anything over 10 years, are not up to par with energy efficiency, and are not built to last much past 12 years. NY NJ A/C Connection has listed some telltale signs your commercial or residential air conditioner is in need of replacing.
Frequent AC Repairs. If your air conditioner has needed ongoing repairs, or has had more than two in a 12 month period, your unit is nearing the end of its lifespan. Instead of investing in the repairs, consider replacing sooner rather than later.
High Power Bills. Many times the irregularly high energy bill is due to the air conditioning unit trying to keep up with the overall HVAC system use, the extra output of energy it is generating you will be able to see the end of its performance capabilities.
Expensive AC repairs needed. If the current air conditioning unit will cost you 50% or more of a new unit replacement, it is well worth the investment to replace it. A problem of that magnitude is a red flag that there will be more problems down the line.
Inconsistent temperatures. If you are experiencing difficulty with maintaining consistent temperatures in your home or business’s various rooms and the set temperatures will randomly rise and then fall, your air conditioning unit is nearing its functionality and a replacement will be needed.
Age of AC Unit. As mentioned before, most air conditioning units were not engineered to last more than 10-12 years. If your air conditioning unit is over 10 years old, chances are you will start to experience the other symptoms of a failing unit if you haven’t already.
R-22 Freon Replacements. If your current unit requires R-22 Freon, you will need to replace your unit as soon as possible. The R-22 Freon has been discovered to be depleting the ozone and it is no longer being produced. With the limited supply, repair costs are significantly high.

Central Air Conditioning Installation, Replacement & HVAC Services in Manhattan, New York

If your Greater New York home or business is having its air conditioning unit experiencing one or more of the above, your air conditioning unit will need to be replaced in the near future. Contact NY NJ A/C Connection to help you find the most ideal air conditioning unit for your home or business and trust in our experienced experts to get it installed quickly and efficiently!

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