Basic Parts & Function of a Furnace in Upper East Side, NY; Blower Motor, Heat Exchanger, Flue, Burners & More

Every homeowner, particularly during winter looks forward to a warm evening. A home furnace delivers much needed warmth. Until it breaks down and their home is left freezing, most people do not think much of the furnace. Though there are different types of furnaces, they all primarily operate in the same way. When you understand…

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How Do I Know if My Furnace High Limit Switch is Bad in Manhattan, NY? Keeps Tripping, Poor Air Flow & More

Most appliances are built with safety in mind these days. Furnaces are no different and have a number of built-in safety mechanisms in place to help keep you, your home and furnace safe. The limit switch is one of those safety devices. This little electromechanical device has a big job to do. Today NY NJ…

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