No Heat in My Hell’s Kitchen, NY House? Furnace Disconnect, Ignition Switch or Pilot Light Problems & More

The cold weather months are a time of year you need to make sure that the heating unit in your house is in good shape. The heat that it creates is something that is necessary to keep the house warm so that you can get through the cold winter months. The heating unit you have in your house can be a furnace or a boiler that are most common. The heating unit that is being used has to be in good shape and repaired to ensure it is working. One of the main complaints that come in about a heating unit is that they are not making heat and the house is cold. This will cause some areas to not be habitable and cause you to need to have an emergency repairman sent out. The best thing you can do is to know what could cause the heat to stop coming from the heating unit. NY NJ AC Connection outlines what could cause the heat to stop working in your home.

Furnace Disconnect Switch

One of the things you might find is that your furnace is not creating heat. There are lots of things that can cause this to occur but one of them happens to be a disconnect. All the wiring to the unit has to be securely attached and if there are any loose connections it can cause the unit to stop working. The wires are usually connected properly but they can become loose. The one area that is a common issue is where the thermostat connects to the unit. The thermostat is the part of the unit that is used to tell it what is needed. If the thermostat has become disconnected then the unit is not able to run. This will then mean that the heat is not being created. If your unit is not making heat you want to have a professional out to see if the connections are secure. If they are not they can be corrected by the professional so that your heater is back up and running.

Heater Not Blowing Hot Air in House

Another issue that you might come across is that your unit is trying to run and heat the home but it is not getting any air. When it comes to the furnace or the boiler you need to have air flow to send it around the house to warm it. If there is not air then you will not get any heat. The most common reason that your heater is not getting any air is from a filter that is clogged and preventing air from moving. The other and more common reason is that the blower fan is out and not working to move the air. This is something that you can make sure is repaired by a professional. The next issue that you might have is that air is moving and trying to heat the house but the air is not heated at all. The issue can be from the ignition switch or the pilot light that is not working right. It can also be the refrigerant if you have a boiler that might be leaking or low. These are all things that need to be inspected and repaired by a professional.

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