Why is My Boiler Leaking Water from the Relief Valve, Overflow Pipe, Top or Other Place in Midtown Manhattan, NY

If you happen upon your boiler and find that there is a puddle of water surrounding it, you know you have a problem. The most important thing you need to remember here is that you shouldn’t tackle this problem on your own. There are several issues that could be causing the leaking water. NY NJ AC Connection is here to explain some of the most common causes for a leaking boiler that we tend to see.

Why is My Boiler Leaking from the Top, Underneath or Another Area?

Often, the cause of the water leaking from the boiler can be solved when you figure out where the leak is coming from. Following are the most common causes:
– Corrosion of Boiler Tank or Pipes: If the pipes or tank in your boiler is corroded, it can certainly be the cause of the leaking water. This can often be avoided when you inspect your boiler often and replace any parts that are starting to show signs of corrosion. Failure to replace corroded parts before they get too bad could lead to a complete replacement of your boiler. One more reason that regular maintenance is so important.
– Pressure of Boiler: Your boiler needs to maintain perfect pressure to operate as it should. Often, the cause of leaking water is due to the fact that the pressure is too high. The pressure on your boiler shouldn’t never be higher than a 2. If it does get higher than that, you will find a leak to get rid of some pressure before the boiler self-implodes. You should check the pressure gauge often to ensure the pressure stays between 1 and 2.
– Boiler Temperature: Every boiler has a temperature gauge that is built into it to ensure the water inside of it doesn’t get too hot. If that temperature gets too high, you could run into water leaking. The leak will usually be found around the temperature gauge if this is the problem.
– Loose Boiler Joints: The connections and pipe joints that make up your boiler system will start to loosen as your boiler ages. This is extremely common as water expands and contracts over and over again. These joints need to be tightened to avoid leaking water.
– Boiler Pump Seal: Your boiler has a pump that works to move water throughout the system and heat your home. The seal on this pump can start to wear and then as a result, leak water. The pump can either be replaced or resealed if this is the problem.
– Poor Boiler Installation: If your boiler wasn’t installed properly, it can lead to leaking issues.

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No matter what the cause of the leak is, you can count on the professionals at NY NJ AC Connection to get to the bottom of it and solve your problem. We have the experience needed to help you avoid major property damage due to leaking water from your boiler. It is important that you act quickly anytime you see water is leaking. Call us today!

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