HVAC Tips for Facility Building Managers in Manhattan NY; Preventive Maintenance, Changing Air Filters, Checking Thermostat & More

With all the responsibilities a facility manager has, problems with the air conditioning unit causes unnecessary stress. Many problems that occur can be avoided by taking some simple maintenance precautions. Don’t find yourself overwhelmed with an air conditioning system that isn’t working properly. NY NJ A/C Connection is here with some tips to ensure your…

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Cost to Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner in Manhattan NYC; Consider Age, Frequent Repairs, SEER Rating & Indoor Air Comfort

As the temperatures begin rising outside, many people are starting to turn on their air conditioning units for reprieve. After a winter of not using an air conditioner, sometimes when it is turned back on there are problems that weren’t there before. It can be especially frustrating when the weather is warm enough that opening…

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Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist in Manhattan NYC; Inspect for Cool Air from Vents, Check Thermostat Regularly & More!

Properly Maintain & Care for Your A/C Unit this Spring With spring officially here and the weather slowly beginning to warm up, it is time to pay close attention to your air conditioning unit. One of the biggest mistakes that is made by homeowners when it comes to their air conditioning unit is not giving…

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