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From furnace and boiler heating system sales, inspections, installations, repairs, tune ups and maintenance to replacing your inefficient heating system, contact NY NJ A/C Connection for prompt and professional service. To keep your furnace or boiler running efficiently and prevent expensive repair costs, regular service and maintenance is necessary. We offer comprehensive tune-ups for all heating system makes and models. We provide up-front estimates for heating replacement and new installation services. To request an estimate or schedule a service appointment, call us today! Contact us now for heating services you can trust.

Home Heating Systems

We install energy efficient home heating systems throughout the Greater New York area. Because heating and cooling accounts for nearly half of a typical home energy budget, it makes sense to take advantage of innovative HVAC products like programmable thermostats and high-efficiency furnaces. In New York, heating expenses make up a large part of a family’s annual energy budget. The prices we pay for our main heating energy sources; oil heating, gas heating, wood heating and electric heating are continuing to rise. That’s why it’s more and more important to have a heating system that performs efficiently, so it doesn’t waste the fuel we are paying for.

Heating Repair & Service

Over time and heavy use, it is inevitable that your heating system is going to experience failure or other cause for breakdown. It is therefore of the utmost importance to call an HVAC professional like NY NJ A/C Connection when you notice a problem with your heating system. Delaying service or repair can result in more expensive damage to your furnace or boiler. From minor fixes, such as replacing a clogged filter and furnace cleaning to major mechanical and safety repairs, you can count on our technicians for a thorough evaluation of your heating system and quick, dependable service. Our skilled technicians possess the experience and tools necessary to get any heater you have back in worker order quickly so you can enjoy the comfort of warmth again. When your heating system no longer produces the necessary heat, you need the repair experts at NY NJ A/C Connection!

Heating System Installation & Replacement

No matter what type of heating system you have, it will eventually stop working and will need to be replaced. If your furnace or boiler is old, replacing it can save you money on your energy bill. When it comes to replacing a broken or inefficient system or installing a new system for a home addition or new construction, there are many heating systems to choose from. Our HVAC technicians can help you determine the right system for your home. We provide worry-free pricing and Free Estimates for boiler and furnace installation and replacement. Contact us today to schedule your annual heating service appointment or get a no-obligation estimate to replace your old heating system.

Furnace Repair

Help your HVAC system perform at peak efficiency with expert repair or replacement. One of the most common heating systems, a furnace heats and distributes air throughout the home, relying on supply ducts to transport this conditioned air. When the furnace is operating, the same fan that distributes heated air is also pulling cooler air back to the furnace (to be reheated) through a system of return ducts.

Boiler Installation and Replacement

In the HVAC world, a boiler is a combustion appliance designed to heat water. While some boilers produce steam for heating or other purposes, those used in home heating systems today are likely to be the hot water type. Most residential boilers are designed to burn oil, propane or natural gas. NY NJ A/C Connection proudly serves the good people of New York with top quality boiler repairs. We possess the unique skill set combination necessary to quickly and effectively repair any boiler problem you have. Our technicians are professionally trained and utilize the proper tools to work on all major boiler brands. We always extend prompt and courteous service that will return you to warmth in no time. Contact us today to schedule a Free Estimate for our boiler installation and boiler replacement services.

Heat Pump Repairs

Heat pumps are gaining in popularity as far as heating systems go in New York due to their energy efficiency. Heat pumps, unlike furnaces and boilers, don’t create heat. They simply move heat around, which takes far less energy. Furthermore, heat pumps are more efficient with the way they use fuel. So if you rely on a heat pump for your warmth during the winter season, you need a professional like NY NJ A/C Connection that keeps up with advancements in HVAC technology if you suffer a fault or need repair. Over the years we have proudly helped countless New York residents continue to benefit from the use of their heat pumps. Our technicians are professionally trained and they all continue to be educated on emerging technologies and techniques. We utilize cutting edge technology in our tools and strategies and that is how we are able to provide the highest quality and fastest heat pump repairs. We extend prompt and courteous service on every job and we’ll get your malfunctioning heat pump back in working order in no time.

Commercial HVAC Services

NY NJ A/C Connection has been providing quick and comprehensive commercial HVAC services since 2006. Our goal is to earn and keep your business by providing comprehensive commercial HVAC services at fair, affordable prices. We specialize in HVAC service, maintenance and installation, as well as solutions to prevent your HVAC system from becoming sluggish. If you need HVAC repair or installation services for your commercial property, contact the experts at NY NJ A/C Connection and keep your business running comfortably & efficiently. There aren’t many times of the year when an HVAC system doesn’t need to operate. In commercial buildings, a well-functioning HVAC system is essential for the well-being and productivity of the work force. Our commercial HVAC services are designed to ensure safe, efficient performance of the HVAC system with expert maintenance, repair and replacement of all HVAC equipment.

Emergency Air Conditioning and Heating Services

You have no control over when your home comfort systems will malfunction. No HVAC system follows a desired schedule, but just because you experience a fault outside of normal business hours doesn’t mean you should be punished or have to suffer. When home comfort system faults are in the way of your comfort, safety or health, you need repairs no matter what time it is. That is why you should call the HVAC repair experts at NY NJ A/C Connection. We are so dedicated to your comfort and safety that we never close our doors to you. That means, no matter what time of day or night it is, seven days a week, when you need assistance, we’ll be there. We offer emergency heating and air conditioning repair services. We arrive quickly and we always bring a fully stocked work van so that we have the necessary tools and parts to get started on your emergency repair right away. Most common issues can be solved on the spot, returning you to warm comfort as soon as possible.

Air Conditioning Services

NY NJ A/C Connection provide sales, inspections, installations, repairs, tune-ups, maintenance and replacements for air conditioners and cooling systems. We have a team of licensed HVAC technicians with the tools and knowledge to help keep your home or business cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. Our skilled technicians are licensed and certified to diagnose your air conditioning system and provide the right services to prolong the life of your cooling system and keep your home or business comfortable. We provide repair and maintenance services for all brands and models of central and ductless air conditioners. To schedule your next air conditioning system inspection and tune-up, call us today! We provide free, up-front estimates for air conditioning replacement and installation.

Air Conditioning Service

Our AC experts at NY NJ A/C Connection can help keep your comfort level high and your cooling costs low. Staying cool indoors when it is hot outside is a luxury that is easy to take for granted. Your air conditioning system is designed to provide this comfort, but it can’t do so without the right maintenance. It’s smart to schedule AC system service before the cooling season begins and before you detect any problems with your air conditioning system.

Air Conditioning Repair

NY NJ A/C Connection provides accurate diagnosis and fast repair of all AC issues. Make the most of your call for service. When calling an HVAC technician to schedule a repair, it’s helpful to provide details about the make and model of your system. The best way to prevent problems with an air conditioning system is to have the system maintained on a regular basis – before problems develop. But sometimes even regular AC service can’t prevent malfunctions. When your AC system isn’t working as it should, make sure to call in an experienced technician like NY NJ A/C Connection. We provide expert, fast-response air conditioning repairs for home and business owners in New York.

Air Conditioning Installation

NY NJ A/C Connection expertly installs central air and ductless air conditioner systems. You might need a new AC system if your existing unit: is more than 7 years old, needs frequent repairing, does not properly cool certain areas of your home, constantly turns on and off and/or Is causing utility costs to rise. Do you need a new air conditioning system? If your home currently doesn’t have central air, or if your existing AC system is old, unreliable and costly to run, you’ve come to the right place. NY NJ A/C Connection can design and install a new air conditioning system to keep you comfortable on even the hottest days.

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