Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Service

Air conditioning in any home or business is essential to provide favorable indoor temperatures and air quality. Air conditioners not only provide you with an escape from the outdoor heat, but also contribute to balancing out humidity levels. Though professional maintenance services help minimize air conditioning problems, they can still happen. Over time, moving parts become deteriorated and the wear and tear will eventually need attention. That’s where NY NJ A/C Connection comes to the rescue. NY NJ A/C Connection have been servicing the Greater New York area since 2006, and in that time we have assisted many of our valued customers with premium work and superior customer service. When air conditioning repair services are needed for any home or business in Manhattan NYC, our experts have been trained to repair your air conditioning problems, and get you back to comfort.

Licensed & Trained Air Conditioning Contractors

One never really notices how much they depend on a fully functioning air conditioner until it no longer works. When your air conditioner needs assistance in your home or business, you need quick, reliable, affordable and competent professionals applying their expertise to get you back on track. NY NJ A/C Connection possess all those attributes and more. Air conditioner repair for your Greater New York area home could require an emergency need. NY NJ A/C Connection is available 24/7 for emergency services including air conditioning repair service. With our experts repairing your air conditioner, it will be done properly the first time for full efficiency.

Common Air Conditioning Inspection & Troubleshooting

The air conditioning unit is comprised of many components, the primary ones are; evaporator, condenser, expansion valve, compressor and coolant. The A/C unit also uses electrical wiring, hoses, coils and vent guards. To distribute the cool air, your home needs a thermostat, air ducts and vents. With just these primary aspects of air conditioning, there are many things that can be in need of repair.
– If you notice the air conditioning unit is running, but not distributing cold air, the condenser could be responsible for insufficient air flow. Always make sure your unit is not encroached by vegetation, debris or filth. The coils need to be cleaned and well maintained. Certified pros from NY NJ A/C Connection will repair condenser problems, and also ensure the refrigerant levels are adequate and inspect the compressor. If the refrigerant level seems to be the problem, our experts will make sure there are no leaks or other issues.
– Other common problems to a malfunctioning air conditioning unit may be a faulty thermostat, the fan in the unit may have failed, electrical problems, or sensors issues. Regardless of the problems that are causing your unit to run sufficiently, NY NJ A/C Connection specialists are ready for a thorough inspection and repair.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Businesses need thermal control to keep employees and guests in favorable conditions. When you’re a/c unit is in need of repair NY NJ A/C Connection has the expertise to repair the complex nature of commercial air conditioning units. We ensure thorough inspection and detailed repairs so it is fixed correctly the first time!

24/7 Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Services

NY NJ A/C Connection can provide air conditioner repair services to the Greater New York area commercial businesses and residential homes with top class professionals and premium quality equipment, tools and products. NY NJ A/C Connection company is licensed and insured, and all of our team members possesses the necessary certifications and credentials to perform impeccable air conditioning repair services to you. Call us today if you need your air conditioner repaired!

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