Keeping Warm Indoors in Winter in Harlem, NY; Temperature Settings, Passive / Active Heating & More

In every relationship there are things you agree on and things you disagree on. In your household there are probably tons of examples of this. One person may love all of the lights on while another family member prefers the lights off. One topic that seems to cause lots of disagreement is what temperature feels…

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Do I Have a Boiler or Furnace Heating System in Manhattan, NYC? Efficiency, Cost, Life & More

Here at NY NJ AC Connection we offer many different types of services for our customers. During the winter we keep busy repairing furnaces and boilers throughout the greater New York area. As the temperatures decrease you will want your furnace or boiler to function properly so that you and your family members can stay…

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Furnace Banging, Making Grinding Noise, Blowing Warm Air Not Hot & More in Midtown Manhattan, NY

Your New York home requires a heating system to fend off the frigid temperatures of the cold season, and more often than not, the locals have furnaces to get the job done. When the furnace is on the fritz, the conditions are unbearable, inconvenient, and even frustrating. Catching issues with the furnace early can help…

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