Do I Have a Boiler or Furnace Heating System in Manhattan, NYC? Efficiency, Cost, Life & More

Here at NY NJ AC Connection we offer many different types of services for our customers. During the winter we keep busy repairing furnaces and boilers throughout the greater New York area. As the temperatures decrease you will want your furnace or boiler to function properly so that you and your family members can stay nice and warm. As we go about our service calls we are frequently asked what the difference between furnaces and boilers are. Today NY NJ AC Connection are going to teach you about the differences between a furnace and boiler as well as what the pros and cons of each one are.

Definition of Boilers & Furnaces

Let’s start by giving a definition of what a furnace and boiler both are. A furnace uses fuel like gas, oil, or electricity to create heat. A heat exchanger transfers the heat to air. Then the heated air goes into your ductwork to provide heat to your entire home. Installing a furnace will require a ductwork system to be installed in your home. Boilers are also heating systems. Another name for a boiler is a hydronic heating system. Boilers use a fuel source to heat a fluid that is then pumped through your boiler using radiators, in-floor heating loops, and other parts. Typically the fluid used is water or glycol. Boilers use pipes instead of air ducts to distribute the heat through your home. In addition to heating your home boilers can also heat the water needed for your home. Normally boilers are found in older homes and furnaces are found in newer homes.

Pros & Cons of Boiler Heat

Now that you know what the differences between furnaces and boilers are we can talk about what kind of system is best for you. Both systems have their own set of pros and cons. Boilers are extremely energy efficient. The way that boilers produce heat help it produce cleaner heat. The advantage of this is that your operation costs and repair bills will be lower. The downside to boilers is that they take longer to heat your home. When the temperature is extremely cold the pipes on your boiler may freeze. Until the pipes defrost your home will not have heat. Since boilers use liquid to heat your home they do also make your home more humid. Many families will use a humidifier to adjust for the increase in humidity.

Pros & Cons of Furnaces

The advantages of a furnace include lower installation costs and no risk of freezing during the winter. The fact that furnaces have a shorter life span and more frequent repairs are two of the major cons of a furnace.

Furnace & Boiler Inspection, Emergency Repair, Replacement & More in Manhattan, New York City

As you are trying to decide what is best for your home you will want to take everything into consideration. One of our technicians here at NY NJ AC Connection can help you walk through your options and help you make the decision that will be the best for your family. Remember that no matter type of heating system you have we can help you with whatever you need! Contact us today!

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