Furnace Banging, Making Grinding Noise, Blowing Warm Air Not Hot & More in Midtown Manhattan, NY

Your New York home requires a heating system to fend off the frigid temperatures of the cold season, and more often than not, the locals have furnaces to get the job done. When the furnace is on the fritz, the conditions are unbearable, inconvenient, and even frustrating. Catching issues with the furnace early can help minimize the damage and repair costs. In an effort to help you identify the common problems that can happen to your furnace, we at NY NJ AC Connection have listed them below.

Furnace Banging

Usually due to a dusty furnace burner or ignitor, the loud pop or clatter that is produced when your furnace kicks on are commonly the source of a few things. Small explosions take place when the gas finally ignites, which can lead to the heat exchanger cracking, resulting in a heavy replacement cost, in addition to carbon monoxide exposure. Especially so in metal air ducts, the loud bangs can be produced by the heating system starting up, causing the expanding and contracting air ducts. Additional causes to clattering, banging, and popping sounds include clogged air filters, obstructed vents, and undersized ducts.

Furnace Making Grinding Noise

A problem with the blower wheel can result in you hearing loud scraping sound that sounds like metal on metal. When you hear this, you should promptly call a heating and cooling specialist to identify the problem. The most common issues are; a loose blower wheel that can be easily tightened as long as it is undamaged, a broken motor mount that is causing it to uncontrollably shake the blower assembly, or the blower wheel is worn and needs replacing.

Furnace Howling Sounds

The high-pitched squealing sounds can derive from a blower belt malfunction, the blower motor experiencing technical difficulty, or just that the shaft bearings are needing oil. These issues can be stopped before they become a problem with routinely scheduled annual seasonal furnace tune-up.

Furnace Blowing Warm Air Not Hot

Professionals start at the thermostat when the warm air is not being delivered to the rooms. Check the thermostat and make sure the settings are at “auto” and not “on.” When the thermostat set to “on,” your heating system will blow continuously, and will blow cool air when the room temperature is reached. Ensuring the thermostat is “auto” will keep it warm, it will deliver the warm air as needed. If the thermostat is up to speed, the air filters are another suspect. Clogged air filters prohibit the proper air flow, which can impede the warm air delivery. Filters should be changed or cleaned (depending on the type) every 4-12 weeks. More frequent air filters are required when there are multiple family members, those who suffer from allergies and asthma, pets in the home, indoor smokers, and those that live in extra dusty areas. The air ducts can also be preventing the warm air from reaching the destinations such as if there are any leaks, bad connections, or even a poor ductwork design. Also, if the air ducts are the culprit, it accompanies higher utility bills.

Furnace Inspections, Emergency Repair & More in Manhattan, New York

Many of these issues can be averted with routinely scheduled tune-ups, normal wear and tear can produce these common problems in addition to human error. Call NY NJ AC Connection and let us tune-up your furnace or provide quality repairs should you find you need them.

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