Furnace Tune Up Maintenance Checklist

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Oil, Electric & Gas Furnace Tune Up Services

Like all appliances, your furnace requires tender love and care to operate at peak performance and for longevity. Getting an annual furnace tune up should be included to do just that among other services. To reap the benefits of a long lasting furnace in your Greater New Your home or business, contact NY NJ A/C Connection for our comprehensive tune up service.

Furnace Tune Up Checklist

NY NJ A/C Connection furnace tune up service includes but is not limited to the following listed below.
– Air filters are replaced to avoid compressor issues.
– Belts and pulleys are evaluated and fine-tuned to maintain proper airflow and operating costs.
– Burners are carefully removed in order to be cleaned in great detail. Poor combustion, soot, and excessive condensation are all byproducts of dirty burners that prevent the furnace from working sufficiently.
– Combustion air openings are thoroughly inspected for clogs in order to avert dangerous circumstances.
– Fan switch is inspected and adjusted if needed in the event the fan switch is faulty. If it is, it can waste energy and hinder the fan cycling.
– Flue pipes are checked for any signs of corrosion to avoid gas leaks.
– Gas lines are inspected for any leaks from the furnace to the shut off valve of the burners to avoid hazardous gas leaks.
– Heat exchanger is evaluated for cracks or signs of other deterioration common due to age. Toxic fumes can easily emit from the crack, if they are present and will need to be rectified as soon as possible.
– Lubrication application will need to be applied to all bearings and motors to ensure smooth operation and avoid problems.
– Panels are inspected to make certain they secure and will not contribute to any hazardous conditions.
– Pilot and pilot assembly are cleaned are corrected if out of alignment. Weakened and dirt pilots are easily extinguished, leading to furnace shut downs.
– Safety controls are evaluated and tested for performance to ensure they are fully functioning in the event of an emergency.
– Temperature and performance are recorded for future diagnostics and comparisons to help avoid any potential problems.
– Thermostat is calibrated and evaluated for peak performance and to avoid unnecessary usage.
– Voltage and amps are monitored to ensure the motor is functioning appropriately and avoid increase operating costs.

Furnace Tune Up Maintenance Checklist in Manhattan, New York City

If you your commercial or residential furnace is in need of tune up service, contact NY NJ A/C Connection today to get started!

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