Keeping Warm Indoors in Winter in Harlem, NY; Temperature Settings, Passive / Active Heating & More

In every relationship there are things you agree on and things you disagree on. In your household there are probably tons of examples of this. One person may love all of the lights on while another family member prefers the lights off. One topic that seems to cause lots of disagreement is what temperature feels comfortable inside your home. Some people like it cold and others like it hot. Today NY NJ AC Connection is going to give you some tips about how you can keep your family comfortable this winter.

What Temperature Should I Set My Thermostat in Winter?

First up let’s talk about what you should keep your thermostat at. The recommendations vary depending on who you talk to. Overall the consensus is that during the day the temperature should be 72 degrees and at night it should be 68 degrees. How does this line up with the temperature that you keep your home at? For many households the temperature that they currently keep their house at falls into this range.

Recommended Thermostat Offset

What if your house is not even close to these temperatures currently? How do you go from the temperature that you currently have your home at to the temperature that you want to keep your thermostat? First we recommend that you set your thermostat at the higher temperature that you prefer. Then reduce the temperature by one degree. After your family adjusts to that reduce the thermostat one more degree. Keep doing that until you are within the recommended temperature.

Should I Try to Keep Thermostat at a Constant Temperature?

You may have some family members that feel cold after you have your thermostat set to your desired temperature. We recommend that you have them put on pants, socks, and a sweater before thinking about adjusting your thermostat. If they are cold when they sleep you may want to get an electric blanket for them. This way you can keep that family member comfortable and keep the temperature of your house at the desired setting.

Passive Heating Techniques

Another way to keep your home comfortable during the winter is to take advantage of the natural heat. Whenever the sun is out open your curtains and let the sun help heat your room. The light from the sun will feel good on your skin and your utility bills will appreciate it as well.

Turn Off Thermostat when on Vacation?

If you are leaving town for a holiday or other vacation it can be hard to know what to do with your house. Do you turn your heater off or just turn the heat down? You actually do not want to turn your heater totally off. If the air in your home gets cold enough it could cause your water pipes to freeze and burst. We recommend turning your thermostat down instead of turning it off. The recommended temperature is 56 degrees if you are out of town.

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We hope that these tips help you keep your home nice and comfortable for your family this winter. If you have any problems with your heater give NY NJ AC Connection a call. We will come out and help you take care of it right away. Contact us today!

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