Why is My Forced Air Furnace Make Loud Rumbling, Buzzing, Popping or Other Noise in Manhattan, NYC?

The sounds of popping, scraping, or squealing are usually sounds heard when the house is quiet, and you are trying to sleep. These noises can potentially be coming from the furnace. It is better to let a professional identify the source of the find if you believe the unusual noises are coming from the furnace. Today, we at NY NJ A/C Connection would like to further elaborate on the various noises commonly made by a furnace.

Furnace Making High Pitched Scraping Sound

Metal grinding against metal is a pretty distinctive sound most people recognize. If you ever hear it, that’s a red flag you need to schedule an HVAC appointment immediately. A scraping noise is attributed to one of two things, which is either a broken motor mount or a broken blower wheel. If a broken or loose blower wheel can cause major damage to your entire system, so the unusual furnace sound checked out immediately. The blower wheel can be affected by a broken motor mount. It can’t hold the blower wheel in place when the motor mount is damaged.

Loud Wheezing or Rumbling Noise from Furnace

If you hear a wheezing sound floating around your home, it can be easily your furnace. A dirty air filter could be the cause of the wheezing or whooshing sound. It will inevitably get full of dust, dander, and other particles from your indoor air if your air filter is left for too long. Your furnace needs to push air through the grit when the air filter is too full. The treated air pushing through the full air filter is the wheezing noise.

Furnace Makes Booming, Banging or Popping Noises

When it’s first starting up, the furnace may make a boom or popping noise. It is highly likely that your furnace burner is dirty. A gas buildup occurs when the furnace burner is clogged with dust, dirt, or other obstacles, which then makes a popping noise when the flame finally ignites. With the changes in temperature, your metal ducts could be expanding and contracting, causing the booming banging, or popping noises. This is completely normal and nothing to be concerned about if your home is equipped with metal ductwork.

Pinging Noise from Furnace

Your ductwork expands and contracts with temperature changes, as we noted. Your ductwork is doing its job when you hear ping, ping, ping noise.

Furnace Making Whining, Whistling or Squealing Sounds

Chances are something is wrong with the blower belt if you ever hear an unusual squealing sound coming from your furnace. The belt is worn out, misaligned, or in need of lubrication. During a routine tune-up, an HVAC tech can look at this and diagnose it.

Crackling Sound from Furnace

If they’re coming from your furnace, they may be nothing to worry about, otherwise crackling noises are almost concerning. It’s completely normal if you hear a crackling sound coming after your furnace is off. As it cools down and turns off, the ductwork and furnace itself will make crackling noises.

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If you are hearing noises coming from the furnace, call in the professionals of NY NJ A/C Connection and let our experts assist you!

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