Why Does My Central Air Conditioner Keep Freezing Up During the Summer in Manhattan, NYC? Blocked Air Flow or Refrigerant Leak?

If you have ever gone out to your air conditioning unit to find that there is ice built up on the machine you might have been shocked. It does not seem likely that in the extreme heat of the summer months that your air conditioning unit could freeze but it can. The AC unit is working tirelessly to cool the home down and if there are parts on the unit that are malfunctioning in any way, it can lead to the unit freezing over. If this happens the unit will not be able to cool the home at all and you will be left sweating in the house! This is the last thing that anyone wants to do in the middle of summer.

NY NJ AC Connection Lists Reasons Your Air Conditioner Might Freeze Over & What You Can Do About it.

AC Freezes Due To Blocked Air Flow: One of the top causes of your air conditioner freezing over is due to air flow blockage. The air is blocked often times due to a dirty filter. The filter allows the air to flow through the duct work and into the rooms in the home. The ac unit cools the air that is pushed through so if the filter is blocked by dirt and debris is will back up the cooled air. This will cause condensation to buildup and eventually freeze!
How To Fix AC Freezing Due to Blocked Air Flow: This is an easy fix if this is in fact the reason behind the AC freezing. Have your units filters changed out for a new filter. It is extremely important to replace your filters on a regular basis rather than changing them to try and fix or troubleshoot a problem. If this is not the problem there is another reason your AC could be freezing over.
Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leak: Although replacing the filters could fix the problem sometimes it is not the source of your air conditioning freezing up. The bigger issue is a leak in the refrigerant line. The refrigerant is a chemical that is charged and filled in your unit and when it reacts with the oxygen in the air it cools down extremely fast. The refrigerant is a hazardous chemical so it is secured in the unit and should never leak out at all. If you find that you have a leak it can lead to the unit freezing up. The lines will freeze where the leak is and that will stop the cooled air from getting in the house.
How To Fix an AC Refrigerant Leak: This is not a repair that can be done at home. You need to call a professional HVAC technician to come out and evaluate the leak. It may require one or several parts being replaced as well as re-filling the refrigerant on the unit. You do not want to have the refrigerant leaking out especially in your home so it is a repair that you need to call a reputable AC repair company for.

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