Central Air Conditioning Tips to Save Money & Energy this Summer in Manhattan, NYC; Change Air Filters, Install Programmable Thermostat & AC Maintenance

During the hottest months of the summer it may seem like your central air conditioner is constantly running. June, July and August are usually the warmest months of the entire year. With your air conditioning system running around the clock, you can almost feel the balance in your bank account decreasing. There are still ways you can stay cool and save money on cooling costs this summer. NY NJ A/C Connection would like to share some tips that will help you save money on your cooling bill without feeling too warm.

Cover Windows to Keep Heat Out

If you have any window treatments in your home, you should use them. Simply closing your blinds or drawing your curtains can drastically change the temperature in your home. The sunlight streaming through your windows will heat up your house more than you might think. If you really enjoy the natural light in your home, try just closing the blinds in the rooms that you aren’t in.

Ceiling & Oscillating Fans to Help Cool Rooms

One way to turn the thermostat up without feeling the effects of it is to use fans. If you have ceiling fans this is a great time to use them. This won’t change the temperature of the room at all, but just moving the air can help it feel quite a bit cooler than it is. Oscillating fans do a great job of moving the air in your room to help you feel more comfortable if you don’t have ceiling fans.

Change Air Filters

It is important to change your air conditioning filters monthly to help your air conditioning unit run well. If you are dealing with a dirty filter, you air conditioning system has to work much harder than it should with restricted air flow. A clean filter will allow your system to run the way it should.

Avoid Using the Oven to Keep House Cool in Summer

It’s no secret that using the oven in your kitchen can really heat things up. There are several alternatives you can use instead of the oven to help keep the temperature from rising in your home. Outdoor grilling is a great way to make delicious food and keep the heat out. Meals prepared on your stove top or in a slow cooker are also great alternatives.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

If you have an older thermostat that isn’t digital, it is time to replace it. When you have a digital, programmable thermostat, you have much more control of the temperature in your home. Thermostats that aren’t digital tend to be finicky and unfortunately the temperature in your home fluctuates leaving you paying more than you need to.

Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

Many things that cause problems with your air conditioning system are a result of poor maintenance. To properly maintain your system, you should have it professionally cleaned and inspected once a year. This will help your unit to run more efficiently which will in turn, lower your cooling costs. You will also extend the life of your unit by keeping it properly maintained.

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