How to Keep Your Central Air Conditioning System Running All Summer Long Without Emergency AC Repairs in Manhattan, NYC

Summer is the most important time of year for your central air conditioning unit to be performing at its best. Most of us rarely pay any attention to our central air conditioning unit until something goes wrong or is not working as well as we think that it should be. NY NJ A/C Connection will keep your central air conditioning unit running strong, reliable and cool all summer long. One of the most common complaints we receive from homeowners regarding their central air conditioning unit is that one room inside of their home feels much hotter than the other rooms. For some reason this specific room inside of the home is not receiving the same amount of cool air that the rest of the home seems to be getting. NY NJ A/C Connection can remedy this problem for you and leave your entire home feeling cool and comfortable.

Old Windows in Your Home Can Cause Uneven Air Flow

If a room in your home does not seem to be getting to the same cool temperature as the other rooms throughout your home, one area to inspect is the window or windows in that room. If the windows in your home are old or only single pane, you may want to consider an upgrade. When you choose to upgrade to a double pane window with Low E coating, you can reduce the amount of heat that passes through your windows. While upgrading your windows may sound like a big cost that you are not willing to shell out at the moment, consider the amount of money you will save on energy costs once you do. Energy loss from windows accounts for 10-25% of your heating and cooling costs.

How to Keep a Room With Appliances & Electronics Cool

If there is a room in your home that always feels much hotter than the other rooms throughout your home, it may be due to the fact that there are more appliances or electronics in that room. Appliances like a mini fridge can actually warm up a room and make it feel hotter than other rooms in your home. Another factor to consider is the amount of electronics that are sitting in a room. If you have a large television sitting in a room that is connected to a game system, cable box or surround sound system, keep in mind that these electronics will get warm, and increase the temperature of the room as they heat up from usage. If you want to cool the room, consider removing any appliances or electronics to decrease the amount of heat that is being generated inside of the room.

Air Conditioning & Heating Inspections, Installations, Replacements, Emergency Repairs & Preventive Maintenance in Manhattan, New York

The best way to minimize the change of emergency air conditioning repairs is a preventive maintenance agreement. Whether you are dealing with a room that will not get cool, a faulty thermostat or any other central air conditioning issue, contact NY NJ A/C Connection today to keep your home cool all summer long. The technicians at NY NJ A/C Connection will repair any problem that you are experiencing with your central air conditioning unit. For exceptional service and top quality A/C repairs, contact NY NJ A/C Connection today.

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