What You Should Know About Your Central Air Conditioning System in Manhattan, NYC; Role of Air Filters, AC Maintenance Tips, Energy Efficient Units & More!

Almost every home in the United States has an air conditioning unit and for the majority of families heating and air is a necessity. HVAC units can be an expensive investment and the knowledgeable professionals at NY NJ AC Connection are dedicated to providing premium maintenance, tune-ups, repairs and installations for residential and commercial customers in Manhattan and the surrounding areas.

Four Things that Every Consumer should know about their Central Air Conditioning System

As a consumer, you should be aware of how your central air conditioning system is designed, how it works and how to maintain it between your NY NJ AC Connection tune-up and maintenance plan visits.

What Do Air Filters Do in a House?

Practically every air conditioning unit has an air filter which can be located in the return grille or a slot in the duct system. The filters primary job is to remove particles from the air stream which works two-fold, to remove particles from the air and to keep your air conditioning unit clean. When your air conditioning unit is running, it gets loaded with particles. While this makes your unit more efficient it also reduces airflow. This is the ideal time to change your filter. How often you change the filter also depends on how dirty the air is along with the size of the filter. The experts at NY NJ AC Connection recommend replacing your filter with a filter that has a rating value of MERV 6 or higher.

Maintaining Your Central Air Conditioning System

Changing air filters is routine maintenance that can be performed by most home owners but other central air conditioning maintenance should only be performed by your NY NJ AC Connection service technician. If your system is not producing cold air for example, it could be an indication that your refrigerant needs to be charged.

Air Duct Installation, Maintenance & Cleaning Done Right

One of the primary reasons that your system may not be producing cold is air duct leakage. A leaking duct can drain as much as 20 to 40% of the energy from your air conditioning unit. Ducts outside your home need to be well insulated. There are many products on the market that are designed for insulating your ducts that can be installed by a savvy homeowner or a professional contractor. Air duct cleaning is also vital as dirty air ducts will decrease air flow and quality and make your central air conditioning system work harder, thereby shortening it’s lifespan.

How to Have a More Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Unit

While sealing leaky ducts, replacing dirty filters and professional tune-ups and maintenance are the most important things that you can do to maintain your HVAC system, one other thing that you can do at home includes making sure that your condenser is not clogged with leaves or other debris. If you are thinking about replacing your air conditioning unit, speak with your NY NJ AC Connection installation specialist about high efficiency equipment. We will advise you which seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER) is the right choice for your home.

Air Conditioning & Heating Services in Manhattan, New York

For more information regarding inspections, maintenance, tune-ups, repair, replacement and installation in Manhattan contact the experienced professionals at NY NJ AC Connection today!

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