How Often Does a Central Air Conditioner Need an Inspection, Tune Up & Maintenance Servicing in Manhattan, NY?

A common question asked is: How often does my Air Conditioner need servicing? You ask and some people will say only when their A/C breaks down do they ever have someone come out to fix it and get it serviced. Something doesn’t sound right there. Their A/C broke huh? In truth you should not let your A/C get to the point that it breaks. Repairs or replacement can cost a lot of money. A good unit can cost up to $3500 plus labor. Depending on the part that broke you can look any where from $300 and up.

Biannual Central Air Conditioning Inspection, Tune Up & Maintenance Service

How often should you service and inspect your A/C unit? NY NJ AC Connection recommends at least twice a year. The best times are in early spring and fall. To have your A/C unit inspected and serviced before the hot summer months will help insure there are no problems with the unit so it doesn’t go out when you need it most. Nothing like being in the hottest part of summer and have your A/C quit on you. Having it serviced in the fall will also help improve your A/C performance throughout the rest of the year. Think of it like putting your A/C unit to bed throughout the winter months.

Central Air Conditioning Inspection, Tune Up & Maintenance Checklist

During the times of service, the coils are cleaned which improves air flow. If the coils don’t get cleaned, the dirt builds up and clogs the coils making the unit work harder in cooling the building down and costing you more money. A/C inspection and servicing in the end do pay for themselves. When the A/C technicians inspect your unit they check your coolant levels. If you run out of coolant your unit can’t blow cool air into your home. The pressure is checked for leaks in your A/C piping system, making sure your unit’s refrigerant isn’t leaking. The technician will calibrate your thermostat making sure it has proper cycling and temperature control. We will also inspect your wiring, connections, capacitors, and relay to make sure they don’t see any bad electrical work. As stated before the coils will be checked and cleaned for proper air flow. The condensation drain will be checked and cleared of any debris or obstructions. If the drain gets clogged the emergency breaker switch will shut off your A/C unit. This is a common call we receive when an A/C unit stops working. The condenser needs to be flushed and cleaned. The fan motor to the condenser will be inspected and lubricated to improve performance. The exterior unit’s disconnection and exterior safety switch is inspected for efficiency. When the unit is restarted the amp levels are calibrated.

Central Air Conditioning Services in Manhattan, New York City

Inspecting and servicing your A/C unit yearly doesn’t only help with your unit’s performance, but will lead to saving you money on your utility bills. You will also extend the life of your A/C unit. So for a yearly cost of having your unit serviced twice a year is minor as compared to a future bill of fixing and replacing your unit. NY NJ AC Connection offers all of these services when inspecting your unit. Contact us today to schedule your fall check up!

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