Tips on Staying Warm in Cold Weather When your Furnace is Out of Order & Needs Emergency Heating Repairs in Manhattan NY

It has happened to us all at least once. Something in our HVAC malfunctions, and thus the option to warm our homes by cranking the thermostat is out of reach. While waiting for the professionals at NY NJ A/C Connection to save the day, you still need help in keeping warm.

We at NY NJ A/C Connection would like to offer you some tips on how to keep warm until help has arrived to repair your furnace.

1. Check your windows for any air leaks. Make sure the windows are locked for extra sealing. If there are any noticeable leaks, seal them with weather-stripping or caulk. If repairing isn’t an option at this time, you can temporarily stuff an old shirt or rag in the gaps until proper maintenance can be achieved. Covering the windows with a clear plastic window sheet can also trap heat. If that is unavailable, a clear shower curtain could work as well. If it is a sunny day, you want to let the natural sunlight in as it will contribute with the warmth. After sunset hours, use a good thick curtain like wool to cover the windows and keep them closed up.
2. Check your entry doors for air leaks. Similar to the windows, check for any leaks or gaps between the door and floor. Replace the weather stripping if necessary. If getting weather stripping isn’t an immediate option, then stuff an old towel between the door and the frame to trap the warm air in, and keep cold air out.
3. Let the sunlight in. If you have objects or barriers blocking out the natural sunlight, de-clutter the area. Sunlight will help warm your home as mentioned before.
4. Keep the doors to unused rooms closed. To keep the warm air from circulating needlessly through rooms that are not being occupied is a waste. Keep the doors closed tight and have all household residents commune in one room to fill the room with additional body heat.
5. Light a few candles or a fire (if a fire is an option). It will add to the temperatures and help keep things warm.
6. Dress in layers. With thermals next to the skin and bulk it up.
7. Cook or bake. Running your oven and stove will also help in getting the temperatures to rise and stay warmer. Eating is also a good distraction.
8. Serve warm beverages to household members. Warming the core helps promote external body heat.
9. Doing activity will help escalate body temperatures. Dancing around, playing physical games any movement to get the blood flowing.
10. Cuddle camp at bed time. Either with a family member or a pooch, share each other’s body heat.
11. Heating pads, and blow dryers help warm the skin if other methods are just not quite enough.

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When you find your furnace isn’t up to the task, or your home just isn’t getting warm, contact NY NJ A/C Connection to come to the rescue and get your home warm and snug again.

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