Why Santa Claus Uses Open Chimney Entrances (or Magical Fireplaces if you Have a Furnace Heater or Boiler instead) to Enter your Manhattan NY Home

With Christmas right around the corner, your kids might be wondering and contemplating the magic of Santa Claus. Chimneys and fireplaces are not only used to help warm a home, Cringle also uses it as entry to leave his gifts. Your children might wonder why that is. NY NJ A/C Connection would like to inform you on that wonder, so you are the clever one to let your kids in on the big secret!

History of Santa Claus, Odin & Begana Entering Through Chimneys

We have to take a step back and briefly relate the origins of Christmas. In pre-Christian Norse tradition, Odin would enter through chimneys and smoke or fire holes on the solstice, an event which marks the beginning of winter. An old woman or Begana delivers goodies to kids throughout Italy on Epiphan Eve or the night of January 5th in the Italian tradition. Covered with soot, the Begana or gift-giving witch, makes her trips down the chimneys of children’s homes. Similar to Santa Claus using the chimney which started in other European countries.

Open Chimney Flues & Heating Fireplaces

In the 1880’s Europeans immigrated to North America, the tradition of Santa using the chimney continued. Back then, the people solely relied on fireplaces to keep warm, leaving winters extremely cold frigid, and it was simply too cold to leave a door or window ajar for St. Nick to use. Most homes built in the early 1800’s, utilized smoke-holes in the roof to exhaust the smoke. Chimneys were found on homes by those who were upper-class and the buildings were more posh. When chimneys replaced smoke-holes, it became traditional for Father Christmas to enter the house through the chimney because it was always open.

These days only 58% of new single-family homes feature at least one fireplace according to a 2011 census. Some other interesting statistics on fireplaces are:
• 57% of chimneys are located in the living room.
• 38% of chimneys are located in the family room.
• 6% of chimneys can be found in the master bedroom.
• 5% of chimneys can be found in the dining room.
• 3% of chimneys can be found in the kitchen.
• 3% of chimneys can be found in the library/home office.

Professional Furnace Heating Sales, Installation, Upgrades, Replacement, Emergency Repairs & Preventive Maintenance in Manhattan New York

Modern times calls for new traditions, where Santa can improvise and create a magical fireplace, or shrink in size and fit through keyholes, or is just a mad ninja who smoke bombs in your home. No matter the explanation, Santa Claus is a magical element that brings a sense of wonder and imagination. Whether your home comes equipped with a chimney or not, all homes include an HVAC system. There is much to consider to ensure your home is kept warm this winter. Hire NY NJ A/C Connections to run a maintenance check on your furnace and system to prevent catastrophic malfunctions, and keep you and your loved ones toasty.

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