Does Humidity Affect the Heating Temperature in your House During Winter Weather in Manhattan New York?

When you think about humidity you probably go straight to summer memories. Most people think that humidity only affects the summer months by causing too much moisture in the air. That in turn can cause the heat outside to feel much worse. During these hot summer months, the humidity wreaks havoc on the HVAC unit in your home. The humidity makes the rooms all feel hotter and also makes the a/c unit to have to work even harder to cool the room. As soon as the temperature outside starts to drop and cool down, people stop cursing the humidity and start to enjoy the fresh cool air. The problem is that even in the winter time the humidity can cause trouble.

How Does Humidity Affect Temperature in a House During Winter?

During the winter the humidity will go way down as the temperature goes down. This means the moisture you can feel in the air drops lower and the air will start to feel drier. People will notice that their skin feels drier and that is because of the state of the air outside. The humidity not only affects the air conditioner but is affects the heater as well; just in the opposite way. When the humidity lowers, the rooms in the house will seem to feel colder than the temperature claims. You should be able to set a room to around 77 degrees and feel very comfortable but that is usually a little low to feel nice and warm in the winter. That is because even though the air is that temperature, the lower amount of moisture makes it feel cooler. You will need to up the temperature to reach a level that feels warm enough for the family.

Humidifier Heating Benefits

There are ways you can combat the amount of humidity in the house. There is a humidifier that can be installed as a part of the HVAC unit. It will be installed by a professional and will work with the unit that you currently have already in your home. The humidifier works just opposite of a dehumidifier. It will add some moisture to the home before the air is pushed through the duct work and out in the rooms of the home. This is a great way to add some moisture to your home and let your heater work a little less hard. The humidity will make the rooms feel warmer and in turn you can set the temperature a little lower. This also means that you will use less energy and in turn you will have a lower energy bill.

If you are ready to have some moisture added back into your home or have any other HVAC questions or concerns, call NY NJ AC Connection today for all your air conditioning and heating needs in Manhattan New York.

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