Heat Loss in Manhattan NY Houses? Emergency Heating Repairs, Preventive Maintenance & Winter Energy Saving Tips

One of the biggest draws on your energy bill is your heating and cooling system. The heater in the winter is usually running to get the air in your home heated up so you are comfortable. The heater works all winter to try and heat the home to the temperature that you have set the thermostat at. One of the problems is that some of the heat can be leaving your home and that is a waste on energy and hurts your wallet. The amount of energy that is not being used is being wasted but you still have to pay for it. Nothing is worse than money that is being wasted.

NY NJ AC Connection has outlined some of ways the you could be losing heat and what you can do to stop it.

How is Heat Getting Out of My House:

There are several ways that the heated air in your home can be getting out. The first and most important way is through the gaps in the windows and doors. All of the doors and windows in your home have a rubber weather stripping that helps to seal them off. The problem is when the weather stripping starts to dry out and crack or come off. This will leave small gaps that the heated air can easily escape through. Another way that the heat can be wasted is if you have holes in you air ducts that run through the attic or crawl space and sends the air to each room. The air can be heated and will run through the duct and instead of it getting to the rooms as intended, it can escape into the unused space in the house and that will not help with heating it up at all.

What Can You Do To Repair The Leaks:

The best way to stop the heat from getting out of the doors and windows is to have the weather stripping replaced. This can be done by purchasing new weather stripping at a home improvement store and replacing the old ones. You will want to go around to each door and window and check for any cracked or broken pieces and replace them. Make sure that you check upstairs and downstairs. If you have done that and you feel that you might still be losing heat you can have a professional come out and inspect the duct work to see if there are any holes or cracks that need to be sealed up.

If you want to have your Furnace or Boiler Heater Inspected & Checked for Leaks in Manhattan, New York or need any other HVAC Services, call NY NJ AC Connection to make an appointment today!

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