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The festivities of the holidays are coming to an end, and the ball has dropped in the heart of our city. New Years is one of the most celebrated holidays around the world and the biggest celebration that night just happens to be in New York City. No matter the weather, the crowds do not disappoint and onlookers battle the elements just to see the ball drop in person and get that New Years kiss from their significant other or in some cases a complete stranger, whatever it takes to keep warm. However this night was not the coldest one of the year. New Yorkers likely remember that last February was the third coldest winter ever recorded in Central Park.

Coldest Day in New York History

This city is rich with all types of history from famous immigrants, to movie stars and the great spirit of patriotism that can be felt throughout the city. The history of our city’s weather is also something to be talked about, considering that it has been the subject of some weather records in the history books. The coldest day in New York City was February 9, 1934. Temperatures dipped to fifteen degrees below zero at Central Park, according to the National Weather Service, which was eight degrees below what the temperature was the previous day. Six people died that day, dozens were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning after trying to heat up their cars and more than forty New York City police officers were treated for frostbite. What made that cold day even worse is that taxi drivers had gone on strike February 5th, leading to riots that injured dozens and shut down the city.

Coldest Winters in New York History

February 1885 was another record breaking day, not as cold as the one previously mentioned, but still worth mentioning. The recorded average temperature that month was 22.7 degrees. What made that winter seem to go on bitterly for eternity was that the average temperature the next month was only 30.6 degrees, making New York City feel like a permanent human ice chest.

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While living in the greatest city in the world has its perks, it also has its cost, and that is persevering through the bitter winter. The best way to keep warm this winter season is to have your heater or furnace thoroughly inspected by a professional to ensure that it will remain reliable through even the coldest days that this season has to offer. Contact NY/NJ A/C Connection today to keep you and your family warm this winter season.

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