Air Duct Leakage Test; How to Check & Fix Air Ducts for Leaks in Manhattan NY? Call the Air Conditioning & Heating Contractors at NY NJ A/C Connection for Inspection & Emergency Repairs!

Are you vacuuming and dusting your home constantly? Studies indicate that the air we breathe inside our own home can cause allergies and respiratory issues sometimes leading to serious illness like bronchitis and asthma. Have you ever wondered where all this dust is coming from and how to get rid of it? While there is no way to completely remove all of the dust and allergens from your home, the experts at NY NJ A/C Connection have some valuable suggestions to help make your home a healthier and happier place to spend your time in.

Checking & Inspecting for Friction, Pressure & Air Loss in Ducts

Studies indicate that an average sized family home typically loses about 20-30% of the air flowing through the forced-air systems duct work. Why? Holes and gaps around fittings and unsealed joints between the duct systems allows dusty air from unconditioned spaces to blow back in to your conditioned spaces giving dust particles and other allergens the perfect opportunity to enter your home.
• The first thing you should do is check your attic – especially the light fixtures and how they attach to the drywall. Light fixtures are often left unsealed during the construction phase. Next check your duct work. Leaky duct work can allow small particles such as insulation and fiberglass to flow into the air stream of your air and heat system. Thirdly, check your registers. If there are gaps they should be sealed with acrylic caulk.
Inspect the crawlspace – this can be an overwhelming proposition and if you are not comfortable contact the experienced HVAC technicians at NY NJ A/C Connection today. But if you are comfortable with your crawlspace, get a sturdy flashlight and wear a long sleeve shirt and good quality knee pads. You will want to inspect the system looking for dust entering the airflow directly beneath the furnace. A visual inspection on your existing duct system can be extremely valuable because it can give you an opportunity to see first-hand where your potential problem areas are located.
Change Air Filters – You should never take the quality of the filters within your HVAC system for granted. If you are changing dirty air filters on a regular basis, the knowledgeable technicians at NY NJ A/C Connection recommend investing in a higher quality air filtration system.

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As you take the time to inspect your attic and crawlspace areas, don’t forget to also take a look at your other systems including your bathroom exhaust fans, plumbing connections and if you have them, can lights. If you require assistance diagnosing and completing HVAC work on your home, contact the professionals at NY NJ A/C Connection today. Ask the expert technicians at NY NJ A/C Connection to inspect your existing duct system to ensure that it is working at optimal levels of performance. Your experienced technician will fully inspect your duct system and diagnose any potential issues and repair or replace parts as needed.

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