Why Space Heaters are No Substitute for Furnace or Boiler Heating Systems in Harlem, NY

As fall weather is starting to chill the air here in Manhattan, New York many people are beginning to get out their winter clothes. For many people this is also the time of year when they also bring their space heaters out. Consumers who use space heaters are frequently using a space heater because they believe that they are saving money. Is this true?

Space Heaters Use a Lot of Electricity

The answer to this question varies depending on your home, heater usage, and space heater usage. Sometimes space heaters are indeed a practical heating solution but many times they actually end up increasing your heating bill.
The Department of Energy states that space heaters “can be less expensive to use if you only want to heat one room or supplement inadequate heating in one room.” So what does that mean? If you have one area of your house that just does not stay as warm as the rest of the house during the winter it is cheaper for you to use a space heater in that one room than it would be to turn your thermostat to a setting that would keep that space warm. Many times by the time you get that colder space warm the rest of your house is too warm anyways.

Space Heaters Are Not Efficient in Large Rooms & Homes

Some families choose to not keep their entire house warm throughout the day and just use space heaters. They will keep the space heater in their main living area while everyone is awake and then move the space heater to the bedroom at bedtime. Many people that do this have the furnace turned to a very low temperature so it is not running much at all. This is an option that may work if you have a smaller home. If your home is larger this is not an effective way to save money.

If you do have a room that is colder than the rest of your house you may want to make sure that the windows and doors are properly sealed so drafts are not coming in from outside. You can check to make sure that your house is insulated properly. Energy auditors can help you see where extra insulation may need to be added to your home. You can also use a ceiling fan. You can switch the way that your fan is rotating so that it can help push down the warm air that is near the ceiling and distribute it around the room.

When One Room So Cold Compared to Rest of House

If you are using space heaters to heat your entire house you are definitely not saving money. The Energy Department estimates that gas furnaces cost 43% the cost of using electric space heaters to heat the same area. You are better off turning your heater on and setting your thermostat to a comfortable temperature if you need to heat your entire house.

Heating Repair Services & More in Manhattan, New York

Space heaters can be dangerous if not attended to properly. 22,000 residential fires occur each year due to space heaters. We hope that this has helped you decide that a space heater is NOT the right option for your family. If you still have questions please give us a call at NY NJ AC Connection. We would be happy to help you come up with a plan that would best fit the needs of your family! Contact us today!

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