Preparing to Turn Off Central Air Conditioning Unit for Fall in Lower Manhattan, NY

The air conditioner has been put through quite a workout in your New York home. Now that the temperatures have cooled, and you are not putting such a demand on the air conditioner unit this fall, now is the time to prep the air conditioner unit for the off season. The air conditioner will be readily available if you find the need to use it before winter officially settles in, in addition to once the air conditioning season resumes next year. With a little effort your HVAC system will be better prepared for the cooler weather and the unit will be better preserved. With that in mind, we at NY NJ A/C Connection would like to take the opportunity to offer some tips and advice to better prepare your cooling system for fall.

How to Shut Down Your Central AC & Prepare for Fall

1) Clean and clean outside central air conditioner outside.
By the summer’s end, the grim, dirt, leaves, weeds, other debris and vegetation have likely encroached around the condenser unit. The air flow can easily be disrupted when the clutter and accumulation of compacted soil builds up, causing the overall efficiency of your unit to be hindered. Ensure the grass is cut and weeds are pulled around the unit and be sure to also cut back all vegetation by pruning trees, trimming the branches on the bushes and shrubs. To gently remove the buildup of dirt and debris, the hoe makes easy work of it. A professional can come clean it alone or in part of maintenance tune-ups to make sure the air conditioner is properly cleaned.
2) Replace disposable air filters or clean reusable.
The simplest part of home maintenance for your overall HVAC system, yet the most overlooked or forgotten, is changing the air filters. When the ai filters are at full capacity, it is essential to replace them. Under any circumstances, never let the maintenance exceed 3 months. Air filters should be changed every 6-8 weeks if people have pets, indoor smoking, and people with asthma and/or allergies. The restricted air flow caused from compacted filters will first result in the efficiency to drop until it eventually puts too much strain on the unit and it dies
3) Temperature thermostat setting for fall.
Now is the time to get your thermostats adjusted as the temperatures cool down. Don’t forget to reflect the cooler temperatures whether you have a programmable or Smart thermostat if you haven’t already.
4) Schedule a professional central AC tune-up maintenance service.
With a reputable HVAC company, at least once a year in order to preserve the efficiency of your system’s performance in addition to your own efforts. A full inspection and tune-up of your system during this maintenance checkup is completed by a skillful technician while conducting the service. During the upcoming season, after working overtime during the summer months your system will function as efficiently as possible.

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