What Does an HVAC Inspection for Home Purchase or Maintenance Entail in Hell’s Kitchen, NY?

A regularly scheduled inspection for HVAC system to thoroughly check the furnace or boiler and the air conditioner is important. It is in place to ensure everything is operating at its full potential as well as catch any minor issues before they become major problems. During the inspection process professionals perform a comprehensive evaluation of a number of details included in the HVAC system and today, we at NY NJ A/C Connection would like to discuss the six primary aspects of the inspection process.

HVAC Inspection Checklist

1) Ductwork. Creating a pleasant environment in each room, the heated or cooled air is moved through the ductwork around the home. The vents lead into each room to disperse the air and air filters are in place to collect dust and debris which needs to be replaced once a month or so. As the ductwork gets built up or there are is any kind of physical damage or imperfect connections, leaks occur, creating pressure problems along with other issues.
2) Electrical. Your furnace or air conditioner may not work properly in the event that an electric connector comes loose or wires get damaged. Not only will you have issues with the HVAC’s performance, but the electrical impairments can be a safety crutch and a fire hazard. Testing the electrical systems and visually inspecting the connections and visible wiring is prudent during the service.
3) Gas Piping, Igniters & Valves. Gas furnace’s are fitted with has gas piping, valves, and igniters that need to be kept in prime condition. We assess these components and if they are showing any signs of wear or accumulated debris they are cleaned or repaired. A gas leak can be a very dangerous situation and we ensure the unit is safe. In addition, if the unit is not operating at peak performance, a simple adjustment of the igniters or burner assembly may all be that is needed.
4) Heat Exchanger. The function of the heat exchanger is to remove the heat from the HVAC system. A malfunctioning system can require too much energy to cool each room or not at all. Any deterioration could require the need for repairs where any dirt buildup will only require a quick, yet efficient cleaning to ensure the heat exchanger operates at peak performance.
5) Motor & Compressor. To make your HVAC system work properly, the motor and compressor fuel the heat exchange system. If upon evaluation the moving parts within these components are not up to par, they are repaired or replaced to allow the system to function efficiently. If they are not hindering the efficiency, but the wear is coming up sooner than later, than our specialists make a note of the parts that may need replacing in the near future.
6) Refrigerant Levels. An essential part of keeping a home cool the air conditioning unit relies on refrigerant. Refrigerant does not deplete as it is used like gas in a car, but it continues to cycle. During the inspection, a certified technicians checks the refrigerant levels and if the refrigerant low, I is often due to a leak in the lines. When the refrigerant is insufficient, your home is not able to maintain cool temperatures in addition to other problems and excessive wear on the unit. Broken lines are repaired and the refrigerant is recharged if we discover a problem.

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Getting an inspection one to two times of year is well worth with the investment to ensure your system lasts its lifespan in optimal condition and maintains the efficiency of your system. Call NY NJ A/C Connection today to schedule your inspection service.

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