Is Your Furnace Blower Short Cycling Frequently When Cold in East Side Manhattan, NY?

Making sure that you have a properly working furnace when the temperatures begin to drop is essential to the comfort and wellbeing of you and your family. According to the knowledgeable experts at NY NJ AC Connection, it’s never too early to get your furnace prepared for winter, and summer is the ideal time to do it. In fact failing to maintain your furnace during the summer months puts your equipment at risk of malfunctioning especially if your miss your yearly tune-up. One of the most common hiccups homeowners experience with a poorly maintained furnace is short cycling. In a nut shell, short cycling best describes a furnace that turns on and off quickly and more often than it should. When your furnace starts and stops it not only affects the level of heat within your home it can also damage the components inside your furnace resulting in expensive repairs or replacements.

Why is My Furnace Short Cycling?

1. Furnace is too large: if you have a continuous problem with short cycling it could be the actual furnace as opposed to the unit malfunctioning. In other words, the furnace could be too big for the area itself. A large furnace not only uses a lot of extra energy, it can also cause an uneven distribution of heat within your home. When this happens, your furnace will try to compensate by turning on and off. Contact your NY NJ AC Connection furnace specialist for a professional inspection and diagnosis.
2. Furnace is overheating: short cycling can also be a result of your furnace overheating and turning off to prevent damage. One of the most common causes of an overheating furnace is restricted airflow. Restricted airflow may be caused by blocked interior vents, a blocked exhaust vent, or dirty air filters. If you suspect that your furnace is overheating, contact the experts at NY NJ AC Connection for immediate diagnosis and repairs. When your furnace constantly overheats, it can cause your heat exchanger to crack and leak carbon monoxide which can have fatal consequences. Make sure that you test your carbon monoxide alarms at least once per month to ensure they are working correctly.
3. Blocked air vet registers: Sometimes the placement of the furniture in your home can affect the way that your heating system functions. Blocked air vent registers for example can cause your furnace to turn on and off.
4. Thermostat is malfunctioning: Occasionally, short cycling has nothing to do with the furnace itself, instead it is caused by your thermostat malfunctioning. A malfunctioning thermostat can send the wrong signal to the furnace tricking it into thinking that the temperature you have set has been met turning the furnace off prematurely.
5. Thermostat location: something as simple as the location of your thermostat can cause your furnace to short cycle. To make sure that your thermostat is operating correctly, it should be located on an inside wall in an area of the home that is occupied on a regular basis. Your thermostat should also be installed away from drafts and windows.

Furnace Inspection, Troubleshooting, Diagnosis, Emergency Repairs & More in Manhattan, New York

A short cycling furnace can wreak havoc on your equipment causing it to break down and wear out prematurely. If your furnace is short cycling and you don’t know why, contact your NY NJ AC Connection repair expert for furnace repair services today. To learn more about furnace inspection, repair, replacement and new installations, contact the knowledgeable experts at NY NJ AC Connection today.

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