One Room Hotter or Colder? How to Create Positive Air Pressure in Your Midtown Manhattan, NY House

Have you ever walked around your house and gone from room to room and realized that the temperature in one or more rooms is just not the same? There are some rooms that may heat or cool slower or faster but in the end it should all balance out. The air that is being sent through your house is either cooled or heated and sent in the rooms until it has reached a set temperature. You set your thermostat and let the unit do its job. When you have a problem with rooms that are off that temperature it is referred to as unbalanced. You may think it is something you just have to live with but there are reasons it could be occurring. These problems are all something that can be addressed and potentially repaired.

NY NJ AC Connection Lists Reasons the Air from Your Central AC Or Heating System May Not Be Balanced Throughout Your Home

One Room in My House is Hotter or Cooler than the Rest: One of the reasons you might find a room is not balanced is where the room is located. There are two main factors that can cause this to occur. The first is that the room may have a window that is facing where the sun is able to penetrate all day. This will make it harder for the unit to cool it down to the proper temperature. Another common problem is if that particular room is located above a garage or an outdoor space. This is only a problem if you didn’t have the right amount of insulation. You may need to have the space re-insulated to help keep the room to temperature.
Collapsed, Crushed or Damaged Air Duct: The next issue you may come across is a problem with the air duct. The air duct is a part of the unit that allows the air a path to get to each and every room. The duct system is all connected and will take the cooled and heated air. There may be some damage to the actual duct that can prevent the air from getting passed where the damage has occurred. There could also be a problem with the air duct if it is dirty or blocked. You might have something that has gotten in the air duct and is blocking the path. The best thing you can do is to have them cleaned by a professional.
Oversized AC Unit: A problem that can occur when you are noticing air balancing issues can be due to the size of your AC unit. The unit should be fitted for the space that it is supposed to heat or cool. You might think that bigger is always better but that is not always true. You want to make sure you have your unit checked to find out if the size is right for the square footage that you are cooling and or heating.

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