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It seems that people are willing to steal just about anything these days. From grabbing a pack of gum from the convenience store to driving off with your car. Nothing is off limits and it is important to know what you can do to protect your belongings from theft. You need to be sure that you think of everything that is out in the open and could be taken from you. Your central air conditioning unit has a portion of the equipment that is placed outside. This may not seem like an item that you need to add security to but it is. The theft of your AC unit is lucrative to a thief. They can sell the entire unit or take it apart and use each piece that includes copper wiring for individual sales. The majority of units are placed on the side of the home and attached to the house in the proper manner. The issue is that there really is not much to stop someone from driving up, disconnecting it and taking it away.

NY NJ AC Connection Lists Steps You Can Take To Secure Your Outside HVAC Unit

Central Air Conditioner Security Cage: This is not like a bike that you can wrap a chain around and it is all good. You will need to take a bigger step to keep your air conditioning unit secured. The majority of people that are concerned about theft will use a cage that is installed in the ground and anchored. It is then locked with a lock that cannot be cut because of the way that it is used. The cage can be painted to fit the d├ęcor of your house and help deter a person from trying to steal your AC unit. Be sure that you have the key in a location that you can get to in case you have a company out to tune up or inspect the unit.
Lights Will Deter AC Burglars at Night: The next thing you can do is to look at the area that the unit is kept. The location is usually the side of the house that is not used for anything else. That means that it is usually dark and easy for someone to go over and work without being detected. If you ask a security team what they do to areas they want to keep a good eye on the answer will be lights. When the area has lights that are fixed on it, thieves will be more unwilling to try. That is because they are easier to see and for neighbors to make out who they are and what they look like.
Increase Clearance Around AC Unit: You also want to see what is blocking the view of the air conditioning unit. Are there large bushes or other shrubs that are blocking the unit? This will make it easier for a would be thief to do their work without being seen. You want to be sure that you move away anything that might be blocking the view so that someone cannot hide while trying to steal your unit.

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