New Central Air Conditioning SEER Upgrade & Replacement in Washington Heights, NY

Winter is on its way out and that means warm spring and summer days are ahead. This is the best time of year to take a look at your air conditioning system to determine if it’s time for an upgrade. You don’t want problems when the hottest days of the year arrive. Even if your air conditioner is functioning, it may be costing you too much on energy bills. To determine how well you air conditioning system is working there are many factors that can be considered:
• Inconsistent or subpar cooling
• Energy use that is excessive
• Higher energy bills
• Frequent or pricey repair costs
The summer months will be a lot more enjoyable for you and your wallet by upgrading your AC system

What to Look for when Buying a Central Air Conditioner

SEER Rating – The best thing about upgrading your AC system is that you’ll be investing in a new system that is more efficient and will save you money down the road. Look for SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings that are 13 or higher. SEER ratings on older systems are usually at a 6 SEER or less. Higher SEER ratings will give you a huge upgrade in efficiency and will save you lots of money in energy costs.
Central Air Conditioning Sizing – Professionals will look at the size of the unit. Units that are too big or too small will have you losing money. When looking at the size, take the following into account; house size and rooms, existing ductwork, insulation, window type, sun/shade spots and the temperatures in the region you live in.
Other Central AC Features. After a technician has evaluated you home, they will recommend the size, model and type of AC system best suited for your home. Other than the SEER and size of the unit, there are other features to consider. A fan-only switch will allow you to use your AC system as a ventilator, a check filter light will ensure you don’t forget to change your filter regularly and an auto-delay fan switch will turn the fan off shortly after the compressor has shut down.

Extend the Life of Your Central AC System

Regular maintenance is the best way to extend the life of your air conditioning system. This will allow it to run at peak performance. During regular maintenance a technician can look at your system, evaluate the cooling system and give you options to make it more efficient. When your air conditioning system is beyond maintenance and/or repair, professionals can give you lots of options. Remember that anything can be repaired, but just like spending money on an old car to fix it, it becomes wasteful. The same goes with your air conditioner. It just makes more financial sense to replace it at some point. Another thing to keep in mind is that the typical lifespan of an air conditioner is around 10-15 years. This can help you make the decision to replace other than repair.

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