Furnace Smells Funny Like Burning Hair, Gas, Rotten Eggs, Mold or Musty in Manhattan, NY

Have you ever come home from a long day at work and noticed an odd smell in your house? The first instinct is to head to the trash to see what it could be. The odor you are smelling can come from a lot of sources that include your furnace. The furnace is an appliance that is part of your HVAC unit. It is there to create heat in your home to help it get to a desired temperature. We have become accustomed to being comfortable so when the furnace has a problem it can be a true inconvenience. Knowing what troubles you may come across when dealing with your furnace is a great place to start. One problem that people tend to have is that there is a smell that is coming from the unit itself. The smells can be a sign that there is a problem with the furnace and it should be inspected by a professional.

NY NJ AC Connection Lists What it Means When Your Furnace Smells Funny

Furnace Smelling of Burning Dust or Hair: One of the most common smells that people get when they use their furnace is the smell of burning dust. Often this will happen when you first start using your furnace at the start of the season. The reason that this happens is that dust has started to accumulate since the last time you used it. Then when you switch the unit back on to warm up the house the dust will burn off. While the dust is burning off the furnace it may smell like it in your house. This should only happen for a few minutes and if it continues longer it is a good idea to turn off the unit and have it inspected by a professional.
Furnace Smells Like Gas or Rotten Eggs: The next smell that might happen and is a bad sign that requires immediate attention is the presence of gas. Natural gas is used to burn and make the heat that the unit needs to work. The problem is that the gas has no odor or color and is virtually not detectable. The great thing is that the gas supplier adds an odor to the gas as a way to alert a homeowner of a potential leak. If you happen to smell sulfur or a rotten egg smell you have gas in the house. You want to shut off the unit right away and open doors and windows to allow the air to circulate out. Then have the unit inspected and repaired or replaced.
Mold or Musty Smell from Furnace: If you are smelling something that is musty and old smelling or like mold it is a sign that the filter is in need or attention. It can be full of debris that is then holding in moisture which is why you smell must or mold. If you are experiencing this you can have the filter changed out by a professional.

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