What Are the Heating Differences Between a Furnace & a Boiler; How Do They Work in Manhattan, NYC?

If you want to be able to take care of your home and business you should know more about what appliances, electronics and other items you have and how they work. If you have a particular electronic for instance that takes AA batteries, you won’t try and cram a C battery in it. It could cause more damage and the electronic won’t work in the end. You need to know what you have and how it works to ensure that your repairs and maintenance are done right. When it comes to your HVAC unit there are several components that make up the unit. There is the main AC unit which cools the home through a series of duct work that is ran through the attic or crawl space. On the other hand there is a unit that is used to heat your home when it is cold outside. We are heading into the seasons that will require you to use whatever system you have to heat your home. There are some different heating options you could have in your home and two of them are a boiler and a furnace. They do both heat the house but function differently.

NY NJ A/C Connection Explains the Difference Between A Furnace & A Boiler So You Know How To Care For Them

How Does a Boiler Work for Heating?: If you have a boiler in your home to heat it, you have a large tank. The tank is full of water that is heated and that heated water goes through a series of pipes. The heat is then taken to particular areas of the home that is outfitted either with a baseboard heater or a radiator. You may wonder how that is going to heat the house up but it does a great job. The boiler uses radiant heat to warm up the house to a temperature that you preset on your thermostat. There is no air that is being forced out in the rooms. You can have two main types of boilers. One is an electrical boiler that runs on the electricity that is already in the home that you will see the usage on your energy bill. You might also have a gas powered boiler that will use the natural gas line to heat the water that is then sent to heat your home.
How Does A Furnace Work?: If you have a furnace in your home to heat your house, you have a very different system than a boiler. The furnace is going to use a heating element to heat up the air. The air is then forced through the home through a series of duct. The air will recirculate and heat it back up to keep the house the temperature that you want. You can have an oil, gas or electric powered unit which still works the same but just uses different energy to heat the coils.

Furnace & Boiler Heating Service in Manhattan, New York City

No matter what type of heating unit, you have you need to have an HVAC company to make any repairs and maintain the unit. Contact us for all your heating and cooling needs!

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