Troubleshooting & Repairing Heating Problems in Manhattan, NY; Furnace Not Turning On or Boiler Not Firing Up?

The last thing you want to worry about this winter is your heater not working. Fall is quickly leaving us behind and winter is just waiting to greet us with her bitter chill. Now is the time to check your heating system for any problems that may have occurred before the cold of winter arrives. Most heating problems that are commonly found are with your furnace and the heating pump or the boiler and the heating timer. Not saying there isn’t other heating system failures, but this is just a good starting point. NY NJ AC Connection will talk about some of the heating problems you will want to be on the watch for in order to prevent a more serious problem later on in the winter.

Boiler or Furnace Smells Like Burning Plastic, Dust or Rubber

The first time you turn your heater on you will often notice a strange smell. This can be normal in many cases. After your furnace sat for several months without use, dust and other small debris settled inside. When you turn it on for the first time those dust particles will burn up. In most cases it is harmless and will burn up quickly and the smell should be gone within a few hours. If the smell never goes away and becomes stronger, there might be a problem. At this point, you should turn off your heater. If the heater is left on too long and if the smell continues you can cause damage to your furnace, and heating system. Sometimes the furnace can be emitting harmful gases as well.

Boiler or Furnace Making Whistling Noise Like Kettle, Rattling or Buzzing Sounds

Another sign of heating problems you should be prepared for is strange noises. When you first turn on your heater, pay close attention to any strange noise you might hear. This can be difficult because the noise of a heater first kicking on is somewhat normal. Noises lasting more then a few minutes to an hour aren’t good. Listen for sounds of clanking, thudding, or electrical zapping noises. None of these are good. They could be mechanical or electrical malfunctions. If you hear any loud noises turn off your unit.

Why is My Gas or Electric Bill So High All of a Sudden?

If your first tempt of turning on your heater reveals no problems then keep a close eye on your utility bills. If you notice that your bill has risen to an unusually rate, that’s a sign of problems. If your heating unit is drawing more power then normal, this mean there is a mechanical problem somewhere inside your HVAC unit.

Furnace or Boiler Turns On But No Heat

This next one is rather an obvious one. If your heater is producing none to very little heat there is a problem. Don’t continue to crank up the heat in hope you can warm the house. That could lead to more damage to your heater and can be even dangerous. Again turn off the heater and seek for a solution to the problem.

Furnace & Boiler Heating Troubleshooting, Diagnosis, Emergency Repairs & Preventive Maintenance Tune Ups in Manhattan, New York City

If you encounter any of theses problems, in all situations it is best to turn off the heater. We strongly recommend you contact an HVAC repair company right away. We are trained in safety and can diagnose the problem. NY NJ AC Connection will be there to troubleshoot your problems. Give us a call, we can fix and repair your heating system before this winter.

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