High Heating Bill or Frequent Repairs? Need for Furnace Replacement & Upgrade; Oil, Gas & Electric Furnace Types in Manhattan, NY

Manhattan is known to the world for their famous pizza but the people in Manhattan know how cold it gets there. Winter is just around the corner that being said right NOW is a great time to have a brand new furnace installed before the Manhattan winter weather strikes and leaves you out in the cold.

Reasons for Furnace Installation

Having your furnace inspected ahead of time is your best bet but when it gets cold and your furnace doesn’t get hot; it’s time to install a new one. Here’s a few reasons why you should have a new furnace installed:
How Much is Your Old Furnace Costing You? If the cost to repair your current furnace is more than or equal to what it would cost to replace it, then having it replaced is your best bet professionals say. The older the furnace is (a furnace could have a good life span of 18 to 20 years) whether professionally maintained or not it will need repair more often as it ages. That being the case if the cost of repairs are 10% of the cost of installing a new one maybe it’s time to consider putting your old one to rest.
Has Your Heating Bill Increased? If you’ve noticed that your bill associated with heating in your home has risen drastically over the recent few years there again is a reason to give professionals like NY NJ A/C Connection a call to look into having a brand new furnace installed to warm your home. A furnace that isn’t running efficiently based on AFUE standards will cost you money.
What Are Some Different Types of Furnaces? One of the first things you need to consider when having a new furnace installed is first of all the source to create heat and efficiently run your new furnace. A source of heat in your home is of course most important to have against bitter Manhattan winters. There are three different sources to choose from. Gas and electric which is what people usually think of when they think about appliances. There’s also the option of an oil furnace. Generally gas furnaces are what homes are set up for because it is least expensive. Houses and apartments are most often built to accommodate a gas furnace but for homes without a gas hookup, have no fear, there are the options of electric and oil. Electric furnaces while efficient, run fairly quietly but they often cost more than a gas or oil furnace to operate. So if you don’t have a gas hookup in your home or would just prefer a non combustible fuel then electric may be for you. On the plus side high end electric furnaces last longer and require much less maintenance per year than gas or oil. Last is the option of the oil furnace. This is most likely your best option in a home that is not gas capable as they are very highly efficient, quiet and least expensive to install. Their AFUE ratings aren’t as good as some high end gas furnaces but they are still a better alternative for those homes without gas.

Furnace Installation, Replacement, Emergency Repairs, Tune Up, Preventive Maintenance in Manhattan, New York

If you are in the market for a new furnace, give NY NJ A/C Connection a call to help you make the best choice for your home. We’ll help get your family through the tough winter with the furnace of your choice. NY NJ A/C Connection can help guide you to the best heating choice for you and install it at a price that’ll keep your wallet warm too.

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