How to Keep Rooms in Your Manhattan, NYC House Warm; Switch Ceiling Fans to Clockwise, Put Foil Behind Radiators, Schedule Heating Maintenance & More

Saving money without sacrificing comfort is something we all try and do. Most of us have turned off the air conditioning and are trying to save money keeping the heat off as much as possible. Or perhaps you are experiencing a heating emergency and trying to stay warm until your heating technician can arrive to fix it. Besides making sure windows and doors are sealed, adjusting the thermostat and starting a fire, there are other things you can do.

NY NJ AC Connection Offer Tips to Keep Your Home Warmer this Winter

1. Once you’ve generated heat from a fire or a radiator, prevent it from going into rooms that aren’t being used by closing the doors to those rooms. It will also prevent the cold air in those rooms from coming into the rest of the house.
2. Ceiling fans should be switched to the clockwise position. Doing so will drive the warm air down towards you.
3. Consider switching your sheets to flannel instead of cotton. This is an easy thing to do and is extremely effective in keeping you warm. Down comforters and extra blankets also work wonders in the winter at keeping warmth around you.
4. Add layers to the floors with area rugs for warmth. An estimated 10% of heat loss is due to uninsulated floors according to the National Energy Foundation. They work by preventing cool air from seeping into the room from below.
5. If you’re wasting heat, you’re wasting money. You can do a simple step to help by putting tin foil behind the radiators inside your home to reflect heat back into the room. It will also prevent it from seeping through the walls. You’ll have to use the foil you use in your kitchen as there isn’t foil made for this purpose.
6. The exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms work by pulling hot air that rises to the ceiling out of your home. Use them only when you need to and not for long periods of time. Don’t leave them running longer than necessary.
7. Bags of rice or beans warmed in the microwave or hot water bottles may seem old-fashioned but they work!
8. Try throwing your blankets in the dryer to warm them up before bed.
9. Make sure your furniture isn’t sitting right in front of a large window or up against an outside wall because heat from your body will be lost to the glass and make you feel cold. If you have large pieces of furniture in front of radiators they will absorb the heat instead of you, so consider re-arranging your furniture.
10. Try hanging clear shower curtains over the windows that get a lot of direct sunlight. This allows your home to absorb heat and keep it in.
11. Layer your clothes, wear hats and warm socks to stay warm and enjoy a warm cup of apple cider or hot chocolate.
12. Keep blinds or curtains open during the day to let the warmth in as the sunlight will naturally warm the house.
13. Schedule heating maintenance. NY NJ AC Connection can inspect your system, give it a tune up and ensure it is running optimally.

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As the weather continues to cool down, consider getting used doing some of these ideas to help you keep your heating bills lower. For any heating problem or need you may run into, contact NY NJ AC Connection.

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