Warning Signs Your Manhattan New York Furnace or Boiler Needs Repairs or Replacement this Fall & Winter Season

Losing our furnace or boiler operation in the dead of winter is a frustrating experience. Often when they go out it can take a couple of days before a professional can schedule in a visit when the supply and demand is at its peak. Being in a freezing home for a few days is unbearable. Without fail the furnace or boiler seem to just die on us, but many times they actually give us warning signs of their demise and if we are paying attention, we can be proactive in getting the furnace or boiler replaced before we have to suffer.

Signs your Furnace or Boiler Needs a Heating Inspection

These warning signs don’t necessarily mean the end of your heater solely, but if you have a more than a few of these warning signs present, its best to get a professional’s opinion from NY NJ A/C Connection to evaluate your furnace on whether a few minor repairs might be in order or a more major replacement.

Your furnace or boiler is aged. Statistically speaking, the average life of a furnace is around 18 years and a boiler between 10-13. If your heater is near its end, shop around for an Energy Star rated furnace or boiler. They are up to 15% more energy efficient. Be sure to do your homework and get one installed to help save money on your energy bills. At NY NJ A/C Connection, our skilled professionals can consult with you on purchasing your next furnace or boiler.

Increased energy bill. There are a multitude of problems that can be the cause of abnormally increased bill. A symptom of an ailing furnace or boiler is the incline of an energy bill, as heaters start to deteriorate, they require additional energy to run.

Frequent furnace or boiler repairs within the last 2 years. Furnaces and boilers accumulate the most repairs in the last years of their life. Just as you would with constant repairs of an old car, an old heater needs to be evaluated and determined if it’s worth the persistent repairing. Perhaps investing in a new energy efficient furnace or boiler is a better choice than dumping money into a unit that won’t survive must longer.

Strange noises emitting from your furnace or boiler. If in switching on your furnace or relighting your boiler brings on foreign noises such as; rattling, popping, groaning, or banging, the heater is protesting the work load and is ready for retirement.

Blower turns on and off. If the blower turns off and on frequently, blowing cool air into your home, a professional needs to be called upon to evaluate the state of your heater. Most likely it is nearing the end.

Thermostat settings don’t seem to stick. If you notice the constant need to adjust the thermostat to modify the temperature in the room, your furnace or boiler is not distributing heat. If heat isn’t dispensing properly, a heater replacement could be in sight.

Burner flame went from blue to yellow. If the burner flame is yellow instead of blue, your furnace or boiler could be producing carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless, invisible gas, and can be fatal. Carbon monoxide may also be present if you notice streaks of soot, staining or discoloration around the boiler or furnace, absence upward draft in chimney. Excessive moisture building up on your walls, windows and cold surfaces could be evidence. Rusted flue pipes or other piping is also a manifestation of carbon monoxide. If you believe your heater is producing carbon monoxide, immediately turn off the gas, and clear your home of all people and pets. Call your utility company as soon as possible. A new furnace will more than likely be needed once your home is secure.

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No one wants to be without warmth in the cold months. Be sure to keep your furnace or boiler well maintained and contact NY NJ A/C Connections to help with any heating repairs or replacements to keep you warm this winter.

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