How do Ductless Air Conditioning Units Work in Manhattan New York?

Most people need to use air conditioning throughout the year but sometimes using or installing a central A/C unit is not in the plans or not part of the budget. There are many people that have started using ductless air conditioning units. This is a great idea during the seasons that are warm and need some cooling down all the way down to the hottest days of summer.

NY NJ AC Connection has the low down and all you need to know about a ductless AC unit!

What is a ductless air conditioning unit? A ductless AC unit is a smaller unit that is installed and uses the outside air to help circulate the air. The air is circulated through the area that the unit is installed. The difference between this and a whole home AC unit is that the whole home will use a series of ducts or channels to send the cooled air all through the house. A ductless unit is able to cool a specific room to the temperature that is set. They usually are better as a cooler and heater for a smaller room or specific room.

Do ductless air conditioning units cost more than a traditional AC unit? The great thing about a ductless air conditioning unit is that they are much more cost effective compared to a central AC unit. The price is lower because the unit is smaller and the installation is much simpler than a standard AC unit. There is no duct to add and no other mechanical parts that need to be attached to it.

What are the pros of a ductless air conditioner? One of the pros of this type of unit is that it can be installed and used on a room to room basis. This also means that each room can be cooled or heated the desired temperature. The easy installation is another pro. It can be installed much quicker and is not as intrusive to your home and family. Another great thing is that many of the units are accessed by a remote control and can be adjusted from the comfort of your couch.

What are the cons of a ductless air conditioner? They are usually more visible and may be considered unsightly when placed in a living room. They are also installed using some drain lines that need to be run to the outdoors. This means that a hole will be drilled through the wall to get the access needed. They are also not a great choice if you are wanting to cool or heat the entire house with the same unit. These units are for spot cooling which means they work for the room they are in.

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