Furnace Maintenance Checklist; Cost & Tips in Manhattan New York

Summer has finally come to its end and with it a welcomed rest for your air conditioning unit. Warm temperatures throughout the summer force your air conditioning system to work hard all summer long, keeping your home cool and relaxing, so it can be a retreat for you and your family from the stifling heat. Now that summer is over your home’s temperature is easily maintained until the colder months of winter arrive. When that time does happen, the responsibility of keeping your home at a comfortable temperature will be put on your gas furnace. Pumping warm air into your home when the outside temperatures are freezing is a must to stay cozy this upcoming winter season.

Routine Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance

Just like your worst nightmare during the summer is your air conditioning failing to work, your other fear is during the winter, having your furnace malfunction and leaving you and your family wrapping up in layers of clothing until the furnace can be properly repaired. Most home owners’ give their air conditioning unit regular maintenance throughout the year, this same attention should be shown towards your furnace as well. Keeping regular maintenance visits by a professional scheduled year round will guarantee that your furnace stays reliable and dependable throughout the winter.

Change Air Conditioning Filters

One of the easiest steps you can take on your own to keep your furnace working properly is to change out the filters at least twice a year. By changing out the filters on your furnace, you will allow your system to work properly and most efficiently. Furnace filters trap dust, lint and other debris and prevent them from entering the furnace, where they can cause malfunction or get distributed throughout your home, making the air uneasy to breathe. Furnace air filters get extremely dirty because they trap all types of debris throughout the year. Changing your furnace air filters at least twice every twelve months will allow your system to function properly.

Cleaning your Furnace

Cleaning your furnace is another great step to take to ensure that your system functions properly throughout the winter. It is easiest to clean when you are changing the filter. Remove any debris, dirt, dust and grime from your furnace to improve its functionality.

Professional Furnace Inspection & Preventative Maintenance in Manhattan New York

Another important step to take before the temperatures outside begin to drop is to have a proper inspection performed by a professional. When you have an inspection done, you will be able to find any issues that may turn into bigger problems later down the road and cost you a great deal more in repair costs. Contact NY NJ A/C Connection to have your furnace properly inspected before the winter arrives.

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