Indoor Temperature Problems; Setting your Digital, Programmable Thermostat in the Best Location for your Manhattan NY

There are many simple steps that home owners neglect which directly result in the breakdown of their HVAC system. Whether an air filter has gone a significant amount of time without being changed out, regular maintenance has been forgotten or not paying attention to the proper use of the thermostat, your HVAC unit can suffer a great deal. Today there are a variety of energy efficient thermostats that will assist in making your home more comfortable, lowering your energy costs and helping your unit to run smoothly. Most homes now come equipped with a programmable thermostat, allowing homeowners to program a specific temperature for a specific time of day.

Setting your Thermostat Correctly

Some home owners make the giant mistake of turning their thermostat to an extremely low temperature when it is hot outside. If the temperature outdoors is in the 90’s or 100’s, setting your thermostat to 50 degrees will not cool your home any faster than it would if you set it at 80 degrees. On the other hand, cranking the heat up to 85 degrees when it is close to freezing outside will not warm your home any faster either. In fact, setting your thermostat at such extreme temperatures can result in your system burning out and shutting down.

Home Thermostat Location

The location of your thermostat can have a direct affect on the temperature of your home and the cost you are paying to cool and heat your home. Thermostats should be installed in an area that does not receive any direct heat. If your thermostat falls in an area where direct sunlight is shining on it, it will read a higher temperature than what really is present in your home. This will cause your unit to run for longer periods of time, sometimes never reaching the desired temperature because it thinks it is hotter in the house than it really is. If your thermostat sits behind a television or other appliances that can heat the area directly, you will want to contact a professional to have your thermostat moved to an appropriate area where it can function properly.

Professional Thermostat, Air Conditioning & Heating Service in Manhattan New York

If your home is equipped with a programmable thermostat, program it according to the hours you are out of the house or if you will be gone for a weekend. You do not need the home quite as cool as you would if you were home. This will end up saving energy and money. To make sure that your thermostat is running properly and producing the best results, contact NY NJ A/C Connection. Our technicians will inspect your thermostat and make sure that it is running efficiently.

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