Importance of Clean Home Air Conditioning Filters in Manhattan New York; Improved Air Quality & Lower Energy Bills!

With fall and winter straight ahead of us and summer finally over, it is worth the time to discuss your home’s heating and air conditioning systems, and more specifically the air filters that keep your systems running smoothly and keep the air in your home clean and enjoyable to breath. Keeping your air filters is essential to having clean air within your home, changing the air filters out on a regular basis will greatly improve the quality of air that is floating around in your home. Fall usually tends to create a more dirty air filter than all other seasons plus the air conditioning is still running a great deal for a long period of time. Changing out your air filter after the hot parts of the year are over is a great way to keep the air quality in your home clean.

Air Particles; Pollen, Dust, Dander, Bacteria, Smog & Smoke

Some of the most very dangerous air particles can get trapped in an air filter and contaminate the air that is getting pumped into your home. Some of these particles include pollen, dust, pet dander, bacteria, smog and smoke. Air filters are designed to trap these harmful materials, but if your air filters are already dirty and clogged up, then these particles cannot be properly trapped and you and your family will be left to breathe these harmful and irritating materials.

Air Flow & Quality also Reduce Energy Costs

When the air flow into your home is obstructed by a dirty and old air filter, the dirt and pollen will get clogged within the evaporator coil, and this will result in an increase of energy use from five to fifteen percent. So not only does a dirty air filter affect the quality of air you and your family are breathing in, it also affects the amount of energy your home is using. Because a dirty air filter will increase your home’s energy use, that means that your energy costs will also increase. Change your air filters regularly to save money and improve air quality in your home.

Professional Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Manhattan New York

Home owners that neglect to regularly change out their air filters can run into a great deal of maintenance issues with their heating and air conditioning units. Dirty air filters can lead to major repair problems if they are left for long periods of time without being changed. Try to remember that the air filters in your home are like lungs, and to function properly must stay clean and clear of any type of clog. To keep your air clean and ensure that all of your systems are working properly, contact NY NJ A/C Connection today. Our technicians can assist you in properly changing out your air filters and improve the quality of air that is in your home.

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